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Jorge Soler sets the Royals single-season home run record

That’s a lot of dongs.

Oakland Athletics v Kansas City Royals Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Jorge Soler homered off Tigers pitcher Daniel Norris in the third inning on Tuesday for his 39th home run to set the new club record for home runs in a season. The three-run blast traveled an estimated 431 feet.

Mike Moustakas held the previous record with 38 home runs in 2017. He broke a record that had stood for over 30 years, after Steve Balboni hit 36 home runs in the championship season of 1985. Moose was gracious in congratulating Soler on the record.

Royals single-season club home run record

Player Year Home Runs
Player Year Home Runs
Jorge Soler 2019 39
Mike Moustakas 2017 38
Steve Balboni 1985 36
Gary Gaetti 1995 35
Dean Palmer 1998 34
Danny Tartabull 1987 34
John Mayberry 1975 34
Jermaine Dye 2000 33
Bo Jackson 1989 32
Danny Tartabull 1991 31

Soler trails only Mike Trout for most home runs in the American League and could potentially become the first Royals player ever to lead the league in homers. He also still has time to become the first Royals player ever to hit 40 home runs in a season. The Royals are the only team to never have a 40-home run season from a hitter, with the Mets having the second-lowest club single-season record for home runs going into this season with 41, although that was broken this season by Pete Alonso.

Soler has not only hit the most home runs in club history, he has hit some of the longest home runs ever seen by a Royals hitter.

Congrats to Jorge Soler, and let’s see how many home runs he can hit by the end of the season!