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Five years ago today, where were you?

The 2014 Wild Card was five years ago today!

AL Wild Card - Oakland Athletics v Kansas City Royals

Five years ago, the entire Royals franchise changed. Twenty-nine years of losing were redeemed in one of the most amazing, wacky, inexplicable baseball games you will ever see. The game had everything - home runs, stolen bases, bunts, bloop singles, terrific triples, terrible pitching changes and one of the most memorable comebacks in post-season history.

You can read a recap of the game thread that night - what was really a series of game threads due to the overwhelming number of comments from fans. The night captured all the highs and lows of baseball, from nervous anticipation to excitement over an early lead, to depression once we got down, to hope of a comeback, to despair over missed opportunities until finally, Salvy put us all into a state of sheer joy.

Where were you that night? Were you in the game threads? At the game?

How did you celebrate? Did you ever lose hope? Will we ever have a night remotely close to that again?