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Celebrate the new Royals home run king with this shirt from BreakingT!


Kansas City has a new home run king, and he is Soler Powered! Jorge Soler set the new single-season club home run record this week with his 39th home run, eclipsing the old record of 38 by Mike Moustakas in 2017.

You can now celebrate his feat with this HOME RUN KING t-shirt from our friends at BreakingT. This officially licensed shirt is made with a cotton/poly blend and is super comfortable. Show off what has been one of the few bright spots from this season!

With several weeks remaining in the season, Soler can still add to his total. How high will his record go? Will anyone ever match his feat this season? He could be the Kansas City Home Run King for some time, and this shirt is durable enough to last several seasons. So buy it today!