If Jayhawkkirk Ruled the World (Or how I became the owner of the Royals while working part time!)

William Purnell-USA TODAY Sports

What would I do as an owner?

Well I’ll tell you what I’d do:


But seriously, if I really had the money to purchase a MLB team, specifically the Royals, I would do the following:

1. I would bring in my own GM. I’ll thank Dayton for his service, promise he’ll be added to the Royals HoF for his leal service; but it’s time for him to go. I’d pay extra attention to George Mason graduates of course. (I kid, I keed.) I’d let my new GM do their job with a minimum of interference, but I’d expect them to-

2. Hire a new scouting department. I expect them to scour the deep dark recesses of internet posters for possible hires.

3. Work on an extension for Adalberto Mondesi immediately. I would offer 5 years / 32 million. I’d settle on 6 / 40 if necessary.

4. Trade Whit for prospects. If I don’t get what I want in the off season, I start him at 2nd, and only move him around once or twice per week. Then I take my best offer at the trade deadline.

5. Listen to trade suggestions for Jorge Soler during the off season. I doubt his value will ever be higher than this year.

6. They would be looking for high OBP hitters to replace Whit and Soler. Preferably at the AA level. I’d also be looking for starting pitching at the AA level. My next competition window starts in 2023. I know that 2020 is sunk, 20121 / 2022 will be the years I start bringing up my young players.

7. I would look at the possibility of a downtown ballpark. I wouldn’t ask for taxpayers to foot the bill, but I would try to partner with the city and other businesses to find adequate funding. I would find a way to incorporate the 18th and Vine area in my plans and make sure we partner with the NLBM.

8. For the 2020 season, I’d lower view level seats to $5.00 each every game. I want bodies in the seats. I’d still keep buck night on Fridays. But other nights, regular concession prices.

9. This one might be a bit odd, but I’d change parking prices a little. If you have 4 people or more in your vehicle, it’s $10.00 instead of $15.00. (This excludes RV’s and oversized vehicles.)

10. Gotta find some way to get some actual burnt ends available for concessions. I’ve no idea how to do that, but with over a billion dollars at my disposal, I bet I could find a way.

So what did I get wrong? What did I get right?

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