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2020 Royals Game Threads

Game 54 Thread: Royals vs. Cardinals

Jorge is back!

Royals bats go silent, lose 5-0 to the Brewers

Corbin Burnes appears to be a name to watch.

Gamethread LII: Royals at Brewers

It’s a battle of the Bs

Gamethread: Pirates at Royals

Carlos Hernández makes his first major league start, tonight.

Game XLV: Royals at Cleveland

It’s Brady Singer day

Game 42 Thread: Royals vs Cleveland

Gamethread XL: White Sox at Royals

Wake me up when September ends.

Game XXXVIII: Royals v. White Sox

Happy Duff Day

Royals vs. Indians Wednesday game thread

Can the Royals win their second series of the year?

Gamethread XXXIII: Royals at White Sox

If the Royals want to still have playoff hopes at the trade deadline they need to start a winning streak TODAY.

Royals vs. White Sox Friday game thread

We’re a bit earlier than expected.

Game 29 Thread: Royals vs. Cardinals

It’s the real season version of the preseason series

Gamethread XXVII: Twins at Royals

It’s a rematch of Sunday’s game

Game 23 Thread: Royals vs. Twins

Bubic is back, baby!

Gamethread: Twin Billing in The Twin Cities

Featuring at least one rule change that I can’t imagine sticks around past this year.

Gamethread XV: Twins at Royals

The Royals have won back-to-back games. Can they start a real winning streak?

Royals offense finally wakes up, rolls over Cubs 13-2

Hey look! Runs!

Game XIV: Royals v. Cubs

Brad Keller makes his 2020 debut

Game 11 Thread: Royals vs. Cubs

Chicago, but the other one.

Gamethread IX: White Sox at Royals

The Royals’ search for a winning streak continues.

Royals vs. White Sox Friday game thread

It’s the home opener!

Game VII: Royals at Tigers

Happy Brady Singer Day

Game 4 Thread: Royals vs. Tigers

Might this be the last?

Gamethread II: Kansas City at Cleveland

Happy Brady Singer Day, everyone!


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