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Weekend Rumblings - News for January 11, 2020

Is Gordo close to returning?

Atlanta Braves v Kansas City Royals Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Weekend Rumblings - News for January 11, 2020

Could the Royals have another signing to announce soon?

Royals shortstop Wilmin Candelario ranks #14 in Baseball America’s list of top prospects in the Dominican Summer League.

Added strength helped Candelario’s power and ability to maintain his swing consistently, with home run juice to the middle of the field over to his pull side. An average runner, Candelario still had a 29 percent strikeout rate, something he’s going to have to improve as he faces better pitching. Where Candelario shines is at shortstop. He floats around the position, where he’s light on his feet with soft hands and an extremely quick exchange to a strong arm. He’s a slick, acrobatic defender, though he did commit 26 errors in 48 games, so like a lot of flashy young shortstops, he’s still learning to slow the game down. Once he does that, he has the attributes to develop into a plus or possibly better defender.

Vahe Gregorian talks to Ned Yost on why this year’s Chiefs are on the same trajectory as the 2015 Royals.

“They got all fired up, and I was fired up because I could feel the connection and see exactly how they were coming along like we were,” Yost, who retired after last season, said from his farm in Georgia.

Even acknowledging the different dynamics of the sports, he firmly believes that “it’s all the same” when a team has gotten to the point “where you can smell and taste and see a championship developing.”

”The experience gained is invaluable,” he said. “And now that they’ve been there, they understand what it’s like. And once you get a little taste of it, it’s like a mountain lion with blood: Once you get a little taste, nothing’s going to stop you.”

Clint Scoles at Royals Academy ranks Nick Pratto as the 35th-best prospect in the system.

The Royals are quite excited about the work Pratto put in this offseason with their new minor league development coaches and believe that they will see major strides this next season. Hopefully, this is the case but I temper my expectations for Pratto considering the defensive position that he plays and just average overall power regardless of position. For someone who was thought so highly of offensively, the swing/miss problem is rather stark and while like Khalil Lee he tends to put himself in negative counts at times thinking he knows the strikezone better than the High-A umpires he’s still swinging and missing at too high of a rate.

The Twins sign Miguel Sano to a three-year extension.

Here are the arbitration figures filed by clubs and players.

Execs weigh in on which prospects have the best tools.

The Mets invite Tim Tebow to spring training.

Why are LA fans so down on the Dodgers?

Instant replay has brought about a lot of unintended consequences.

High school pitching prospect Nick Bitsko will graduate early, making him eligible for this year’s draft.

How winning and financial power affect free agent spending.

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The most interesting NBA teams under .500.

Barstool Sports may be purchased by a casino company.

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Your song of the day is Wes Montgomery with Here’s that Rainy Day.