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Royals Rumblings - News for January 17, 2020


State Farm Home Run Derby
I was saying “BOOOO-urns”
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

This is what the Royals media landscape looks like right now

Royal Blue landed a Q&A with Spring Training invitee Tyler Zuber

Q: Who has been some of your favorites teammates?

A: Some of my favorites would have to be Travis Jones, Daniel Tillo AKA Big Tilly and honestly I’ve really enjoyed all of them but those are a couple to be at the top.

Fansided still cranking out stories:

The Royals make a quasi-listicle appearance in a CBS Sports article from R.J. Anderson about the third base trade market. Fortunately, the Royals have that tree.

Should a general manager just have to have him a former Nationals prospect, then may we suggest Kelvin Gutierrez? The Kansas City Royals don’t seem to like Gutierrez much, as they signed Maikel Franco earlier this winter. Gutierrez has his downside — he’s older and badly needs to improve his attack angle if he’s going to maximize his bat speed and raw strength — but he’s a quality defender who has the innate characteristics of a solid hitter. That makes him worth keeping an eye on, and depending on the cost, perhaps worth taking a chance on.

Today’s Best of Royals Review (TM, patent pending) was written by one, um, “Craig Brown” (Hey, don’t we have one of those writing for RR right now?). We’re going back to one of the most famous moments of early part of the Royals decade with: Fielder Jacked, Cano Skunked, Royals Fans Awesome.

If you don’t remember “BOOOOOOOOOOO CANO”, it was amazing:

Fair or not, Cano became the target for every slight Royal fans felt they have suffered over the last 27 years. We let him have it. Did we ever. We booed his practice cuts and cheered his foul balls and pop ups. It was 40,000 united in a cause... We love our Royals and we will stand up for them. And it was damn beautiful. One of the best moments I’ve ever experienced at The K. One of ours was promised a spot and it was later denied. It wasn’t spiteful, or mean-sprited. It was grounded in loyalty. Butler is one of us. We stood up for him...

Imagine, a Yankee collapsing on a midwestern stage... The bright lights of KC can be so crushing.

Another day, another manager gone in the fallout from the sign-stealing scandal. This time, it’s former Royal Carlos Beltran, who took over the Mets in November. Many observers have noted something to the effect of this being “the most Mets thing ever”.

Beltran issued a statement to Yahoo Sports saying:

“Over my 20 years in the game, I’ve always taken pride in being a leader and doing things the right way, and in this situation, I failed. As a veteran player on the team I should’ve recognized the severity of the issue and truly regret the actions that were taken. I am a man of faith and integrity and what took place did not demonstrate those characteristics that are so very important to me and my family. I’m very sorry. It’s not who I am as a father, a husband, a teammate and as an educator. The Mets organization and I mutually agreed to part ways, moving forward for the greater good with no further distractions. I hope that at some point in time, I’ll have the opportunity to return to this game that I love so much.”

Meanwhile, the LA City Council is going to “vote on a resolution urging MLB to recall the World Series trophies presented to the Astros in 2017 and Red Sox in 2018 and award them to the Los Angeles Dodgers”. Good luck with that, guys.

Up the state, yesterday we were talking about Gabe Kapler skinning chicken nuggets. Thursday, the San Fransisco Giants hired Alyssa Nakken:

Nakken, a former Sacramento State softball player, will be the first female coach in Giants history and the first female full-time coach in the majors.

This offseason, Poz has been wandering through a “Baseball 100” series (sub required):

Since it’s pretty slow and there seems to be some sort of foosball game this weekend, I’m going to reprint something I did last year about this time with some additional details. It has to do with parallels between the Oilers and Chiefs, which seems topical being as the Chiefs just beat the Texans and are playing the Titans (formerly, Oilers).

I haven’t been much of an NFL fan for a long time. This isn’t some half-hearted, half-racist political protest or whatnot. Rather, this is from a different (and harmless) kind of pettiness: I started to lose interest after our greedy owner moved the team.

I grew up rooting for the Houston Oilers, the high-flying, hard-luck local team. In 1987, owner Bud Adams threatened to move the team to Jacksonville and the county renovated the Astrodome for $87M and added 10K more seats. Side note: these changes also cost the Astrodome its beloved and iconic scoreboard. A few years later, Adams demanded a new stadium and the city, not really believing he’d move so soon after the recent renovations, did nothing. So the censored packed up and left, a huge blow to the city in football-crazed Texas.

Once I moved to Lawrence, I never picked up the Chiefs like I did with the Royals. While the Oilers leaving affected me in an emotional way, affordability played an even bigger role. To this date, I have only ever been to one NFL game and was gifted the tickets. I was a poor college student (and then poor working schlub) but was able to afford over 100 Royals games in my time in Kansas. However, one Chiefs game would cost me an entire season of 10+ Royals games.

But it was hard to not absorb some of what I heard and saw. I was struck by how similar the Chiefs and Oilers were. Both were old AFL teams with some recent success which had not won anything big since the 60s. They were mirror images of each other with Oilers being an offensive juggernaut and the Chiefs doing their damage on defense.

Long stretches of making the playoffs? Check!

Years of never winning in the playoffs? Check!

Kansas City Chiefs

  • 1995 Lost Div
  • 1994 Lost WC
  • 1993 Lost Conf
  • 1992 Lost WC
  • 1991 Lost Div
  • 1990 Lost WC

Houston Oilers

  • 1993 Lost Div
  • 1992 Lost WC
  • 1991 Lost Div
  • 1990 Lost WC
  • 1989 Lost WC
  • 1988 Lost Div
  • 1987 Lost Div

Bludgeoned by the Buffalo Bills? The Chiefs and Oilers each lost twice to them. Once was as a speed bump (Oilers in 1989, Chiefs in 1992), while the other was much more heartbreaking (Chiefs in the AFC title game in 1994, the Oilers in “The Comeback” in 1993).

Becoming a John Elway comeback statistic? Oilers in 1992, Chiefs in 1998.

Losing home playoff games as a favorite? Chiefs in 1996 and 1997, Oilers in 1989 and 1994.

Do I need to go on?

The only time either team made it to the AFC title game was in 1993 WHEN THEY PLAYED EACH OTHER! For the Oilers, that roller coaster season came on the heels of The Comeback gut punch the previous season. Houston started 1-4 before reeling off 11 straight. But in the midst of the winning streak was Babygate (a player was fined for missing the game to go to the birth of his kid), DC Buddy Ryan throwing a punch at OC Kevin Gilbride on a national televised Sunday Night Football game, and defensive lineman’s Jeff Alm’s suicide. Blowing the 4th quarter lead to the Chiefs in the playoffs that year was the beginning of the end of the team’s stay in Houston. They cratered to 2-14 the next year and started a rebuild that wouldn’t finish until the team moved to Tennessee.

Speaking of this time last year, I was visiting the gaming convention PAX South which starts today in San Antonio. One of the games I posted about was Just Shapes & Beats. Here’s a new track from that one, the first boss level, “Long Live the New Fresh” by Danimal Cannon.


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