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Royals Rumblings - News for January 22, 2020

You’re in our Hall of Fame. Yes, you.

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Minda Haas Kuhlmann

At The Athletic, Alec Lewis wrote about the past and future of outfield prospect Nick Heath:

“We were breaking down players on our 40-man roster,” said general manager Dayton Moore, “and (senior advisor to the general manager) Donnie Williams thinks Nick Heath will help us in center field this year. He’s probably seen this player more than anybody else in this room. Almost every time Double-A Northwest Arkansas plays, Williams is there. He’s seen Nick continue to evolve and get better and better, and he thinks Nick is trending in the right way. Nick is highly confident. He’s got a great personality. He believes in himself. So we’re looking forward to watching him compete and get better.”

The national BBWA made announced their Hall of Fame selections yesterday, and the Kansas City chapter announced some Royals-specific awards:

The Kansas City Royals announced their 2019 team award winners today, which were voted on by the Kansas City Chapter of the BBWAA. Outfielder/designated hitter Jorge Soler was named the Les Milgram Player of the Year, right-hander Ian Kennedy garnered the Bruce Rice Pitcher of the Year, while infielder/outfielder Whit Merrifield received the Joe Burke Special Achievement Award.

At KoK, David Scharff notes a few things he thinks may change under new manager Mike Matheny:

While the team doesn’t have to move full force into analytics, it would be nice to see them more at play in the clubhouse. A great majority of the MLB is using analysts to help them win games, and while the Royals old school methods are nice at times, they obviously need to fix something.

There has been some talk about Matheny being interested in analytics and hopefully, that means he will be looking to bring some ideas to Kansas City to help push the team forward.

The Atlanta Braves signed outfielder Marcell Ozuna to a 1-year deal.

Why aren’t there more African-Americans in MLB?

Dustin Pedroia is attempting a comeback for the Red Sox, but suffered a ‘significant setback.’

Excuse me? Could they perhaps just...skip that award this year?

The NFL is incorporating boats into their Draft, because...Vegas?

JJ Watt will be a mere spectator of the Big Game on February 2, but the night prior to that he will host Saturday Night Live.

Your humble link aggregator hates raised voices, much less violence, so the only person she’s ever hit was in the process of trying (TRYING) to mug her. So this video is actually scary! But also an incredible piece of footage!

The National Weather Service in Miami issued a heads-up that iguanas might be falling from trees. So, uhhh...heads up! (h/t cmkeller)

This parent accidentally sleep trained the whole household. (TIFU stands for “Today I F****d Up” for those not familiar.)

Did anyone else watch the masterpiece that was ‘The Circle’ on Netflix? It is so much better than a reality show centered around a fake social media network ought to be.

Your colleague is correct and you are history’s 6th- or 7th-greatest monster.

A lifelong dream came true for me yesterday: I got my first-ever jury summons. Civic duty, hooray! Please tell me about any experiences with jury duty you have had.

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