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Royals Rumblings - News for January 29, 2020

Third Monday of the longest week

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Two Baseball Dogs for the price of one
Minda Haas Kuhlmann

Nothing new on the Star or, except that single game tickets are now on sale.

A great look at Ned Yost’s life after baseball, from Jason Peake of the Joplin Globe:

“People don’t understand the grind of the travel and the pressures that go with the job every day,” Yost said. “We play 162 games in 180 days. It’s nonstop. It wears you down. It took me six weeks to two months to unwind after the season. And then, as soon as you unwind, you have to go back again.”

Yost said he has no regrets about his decision to retire.

“I don’t miss any of it right now,” Yost said. “I’ve done it my whole life. I managed for 16 years, I coached for 12 years, and I played for six and a half years. I’ve been lucky enough to go to eight World Series, win two championships, go to seven All-Star Games, win two as a manager, and I’ve met five different presidents. When I sit back, I realize it’s pretty cool that I did all that. I think I got everything out of it that I wanted to.”

Thoughts from around the Royals organization on Kobe Bryant, and also coach John Atlobelli. Minor league lefty Jake Kalish played for Altobelli:

“I played for alto in Brewster in 2012. I showed up on a temp contract to fill in until guys got done with the College World Series. Alto came to me after a couple and asked if I wanted to stay for the whole summer. He believed in me and ultimately allowed me to believe in myself. That’s the kind of coach and person he was.”

Alec Lewis at The Athletic ($) had some notes from FanFest, including Whit Merrifield’s candid thoughts on Alex Gordon coming back:

“The Gordo signing is something. … I’m very fortunate to play on a team that recognized the value of that,” Merrifield said. “Unfortunately, the way our game is going, teams are run by guys sitting in front of computers, crunching numbers and saying, ‘Well, this guy is going to be 36; his UZR, according to what these (other) 36-year-olds are, has to correlate with this.’ When you go about it that way, you lose what a guy like Alex brings to the table. It’s so hard to quantify what he does in the clubhouse, and the leader he is by showing up and going through his routine every day. That wears off on guys.

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without a guy like him in our clubhouse.”

Any good singers among us? Maybe you could sing or play the national anthem at a Chasers game this summer.

Looks like Dusty Baker will manage the Astros in the wake of the departure of garbage percussion aficionado AJ Hinch. The Astros also appear to be making headway in their GM search.

The Red Sox signed first baseman Mitch Moreland again.

Outfielder Steven Souza Jr. will be a Cub now.

The Reds are probably extra glad they signed our old friend Mike Moustakas, after 3B Eugenio Suaraz needed shoulder surgery yesterday.

Old friend to the Royals and a multitude of other teams Emilio Bonifacio signed with the Nationals.

A task force within the U.S. Congress introduced a resolution opposing the aggressive elimination of minor league teams.

Sheryl Ring spoke with Native activist and author Rebecca Nagle about the harm of mascots like Chief Wahoo.

At The Athletic ($), Andy McCullough brings us an oral history of the time Patrick Mahomes threw a no-hitter.

Hacking group OurMine hacked a number of NFL teams’ Twitter accounts Monday, including both Super Bowl teams. They were at it again yesterday, posting messages from some ESPN accounts.

A possible case of coronavirus in Lawrence.

Chipotle has to pay $1.3 million in fines for child labor law violations. What jobs did you have as a teen? Based on the guidelines mentioned in the story, would your workplace be fined now?

Got an old plane you want to ditch? Apparently you can drop it off at a Missouri airport and just leave it, because no current laws address abandoned planes.

Have we all wrapped our minds around the size of this boulder?

I’m sorry to blow up someone from my hometown, but get a load of the dizzying array of paint colors in this listing. (h/t my mom)

Want to be horrified? Read all about radioactive waste from oil-and-gas wells that is just kind of...around. Can’t get in trouble for mishandling radioactive material if no one requires you to test it for radium!

I don’t feel like this section has a lot in it today, so: public libraries! What a miracle they are. Let’s just talk about them. Have you been to your local library lately? What’s it like?

Music for the day: Emily Scott Robinson - Better With Time. Soft and sweet, just like YOUR FACE.