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Royals Rumblings - News for January 3, 2020

First Friday Rumblings of a new decade

New York Comic Con - Day 2
Falcon Punch!
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A lot of people still aren’t back yet (myself included) so this is going to be a little bit of a mail-it-in Rumblings.

Alec Lewis starts off the new year with a Dayton Moore Q&A (subscribe and I will receive $0 in Athletic bucks):

Mike Axisa at CBS Sports listicles New Year’s resolutions for every team:


Trade Merrifield. Yeah, I said it. Whit Merrifield is an excellent player, there’s no doubt about it, but the Royals are not going to contend anytime soon, and Merrifield will turn 31 in a little more than three weeks. His peak does not align with the club’s window. Merrifield’s defense and baserunning, two skills that typically do not age well, both slipped in 2019, so it’s possible he’s had his best seasons already. He’s on a bargain contract -- Merrifield is owed no more than $33.2 million through 2023 -- and it’s hard to see him being a key contributor to the next contending Royals team. Kansas City could get a big prospect haul for Merrifield and they should stop kicking the can down the road. Now’s the time to cash him in as a trade chip.

There’s a pair of Fansided stories at KOK:

And... that’s it.

We here at the Best of Royals Review (TM, patent pending) are still on vacation this week but you can look forward to another exciting entry next week.

Not much happening around baseball either, but there are enough stories that haven’t made Rumblings over the last couple of days.

Don Larsen died on New Year’s Day. According to this Wikipedia edit: “Don is on record as saying his biggest accomplishment in life is sharing a V-8 vegetable juice with Tim Mason in June of 2017.” Also, in 1956, he pitched the only perfect game in World Series history.

The White Sox signed Luis Robert to a 6/$50M contract. Last year, he played 122 games for the White Sox... teams in A, AA, and AAA.

The big news yesterday was Yankee Domingo German being suspended 81 games for domestic violence. Obviously, committing domestic violence is a horrible thing no one should do. But, of course, doing it in the presence of a member of the commissioner’s office, well, that’s downright stupid:

The 27-year-old Germán allegedly slapped his girlfriend, mother of at least one of his children, following CC Sabathia’s charity gala on Sept. 16. There were conflicting reports at the time regarding where the incident took place and who witnessed it — specifically whether it was a member of the commissioner’s office who saw the altercation take place.

More stuff from The Athletic. I’m grateful for Baseball-reference.

And, yes, we’re going to re-run a game on Song of the Day. Because it’s like catnip to Matthew (and because it’s awesome level design), we’re going to revisit F-Zero GX. Just watch this insane level design. Look at how you have to ride the inside and then outside of the tube in this unforgiving game. And, remember, if your car blows up or you fall off the level, you lose: this isn’t Mario Kart where you can just redo the level. It’s an extremely frustrating level, even by F-Zero standards, but gratifying if you win and has a great soundtrack.