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Royals Rumblings - News for October 14, 2020

“wanna play?”
Minda Haas Kuhlmann

At Kings of Kauffman, David Scharff looks at how the Royals are keeping up with developing minor leaguers in these times, and Shawn Bauman takes an early peek at the 2021 draft for the Royals.

Perfect game alert - an umpiring perfect game, that is. John Tumpane called balls and strikes correctly on 135 of 135 pitches in ALCS game 2.

A history lesson on Cumberland Posey, from Shakeia Taylor at MLB:

The only person to be inducted in both the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame and the National Baseball Hall of Fame, Cumberland “Cum” Willis Posey, Jr. is regarded as one of the greatest athletes of his era and a legendary entrepreneur; he was voted into the baseball Hall as a pioneer/executive.

For thirty-five years, Posey was one of the most influential men in baseball. He knew the sport inside and out, having been at nearly every level at some point in his career. Posey was a player, manager, owner, executive and league officer.

The minor league team in Greenville, SC used their otherwise-dormant park for something really cool:

On Saturday, Sept. 22, the Drive hosted their most civic-minded event of the year. As part of South Carolina’s state-wide “Day of Action,” Fluor Field served as a one-stop location for a smorgasbord of government-provided services. The menu, such as it was, included voter registration, census completion, COVID-19 testing, flu vaccinations, and the opportunity to procure REAL ID drivers licenses and identification cards from the DMV. Additionally the Drive partnered with one of their sponsors, the Blood Connection, to host a ballpark blood drive.

35 trades that shaped the four remaining MLB playoff teams.

The Dodgers had to scratch Clayton Kershaw from his scheduled start for NLCS Game 2 yesterday due to back spasms. However:

The Tigers interviewed George Lombard for their managerial vacancy.

The Mets’s new owner looks to improve upon “archaic” technology on which the team was being built and run.

Cristiano Ronaldo tested positive for COVID-19 and has to self-isolate.

Netflix released a teaser trailer for season 4 of ‘The Crown,’ which looks like it will be pretty Diana-centric.

Here’s a compilation of DIY Halloween decoration ideas from TikTok.

Speaking of Halloween, the post asking for submissions for Jezebel’s annual Scary Stories contest has been up for about a week now, which means there are lots of stories waiting for you to read right before bed. The post also contains some great ones from last year, and honestly you could follow tags on the post and immerse yourself in the things for weeks.

Debunking the oft-repeated idea that most job applications get auto-rejected before a human ever reads them.

The Peruvian government opened up Machu Picchu for a visit from one tourist who has been stranded in Peru since March due to the pandemic.

Today’s fun Reddit-borrowed question: do you have a useless skill?

An excerpt from a new book about Dolly Parton? YES PLEASE!!!!

SOTD: Reel Big Fish - Valerie. Yesterday at work I was walking around singing this, but replaced the name in the title with “Allergies!”