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Royals Rumblings - News for October 21, 2020

Free tacos!

MFW there are tacos
Minda Haas Kuhlmann

At Kings of Kauffman, Shawn Bauman assesses the Royals’ overall hitting and it is not pretty:

Hitting coach Terry Bradshaw has been with the organization for two decades and is well-respected. Since being named to his current role, however, he has overseen the worst three-year stretch of traditional statistics in franchise history. The personnel he has been given may speak to some of this, but even in the lost years of 1995-2010, the hitting was not this bad.

Historically, Kansas City is going to shatter a major league-low in taking care of business with the bases juiced. This includes teams from the dead-ball era. Unacceptable.

For the Sabermetric followers, the overall team batting WAR was the lowest since 2009 when Alberto Callaspo was the second-ranked hitter on the team. Mike Matheny kept many of the coaches he inherited from the Ned Yost days; it may be time to reevaluate and bring in more leaders he is familiar with.

And at KC Kingdom, Leigh Oleszczak takes a look at the idea from Jeffrey Flanagan’s recent mailbag that the “the rebuild is over.”

Old Royals friend Brett Phillips is on the Tampa Bay World Series roster. And here’s LA’s roster.

We can each have approximately 1/11th of $11 at Taco Bell, thanks to Mookie Betts stealing 2nd base last night.

Dueling pieces from Beyond the Box Score: why the Dodgers will win the World Series, and why the Rays will win the World Series.

St. Louis catcher Yadier Molina will look for a 2-year deal. This piece weirdly does not mention his age, which is actually a pretty huge factor in his playing future, so I will tell you he is 38 years and 100 days old.

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman spoke candidly on a hot mic about an NFL pregame flyover.

There are worse things to do during a Zoom interview than play cards, ahem, but John Wall of the Washington Wizards chose to multitask by playing spades and being interviewed at the same time.

The Miami Dolphins named Tua Tagovailoa starting QB.

The Chicago Bears signed Manti Te’o to their practice squad. You may remember Te’o from simpler times in the world, where the biggest thing we had going on was an imaginary girlfriend.

Here’s a bunch of stuff being added to Hulu in November.

How to deal with a new coworker who’s a know-it-all, with perhaps a side dish of sexism?

The Cameron Peak Fire continues in Colorado, and it’s the largest wildfire in state history. As of this writing, it’s advancing on the tiny town of Glen Haven, of which I’m quite fond, and which just had to rebuild everything after a devastating flood in 2013.

Do you put on a mask at the drive-thru window?

Time to stop building skyscrapers, probably.

Toilet woes on the International Space Station.

And then there’s this:

SOTD: The Outfield - Your Love. Rest in peace, Tony Lewis.