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Royals Rumblings - News for October 24, 2020

Walker Buehler is good at throwing baseballs

2020 World Series Game 3: Los Angeles Dodgers v. Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Cooper Neill/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The Dodgers took a 2-1 lead last night after another barn-burner. There’s been 29 runs scored in 3 games and I love it. Both teams have great pitching staffs which goes to show you how great these lineups are. My personal prediction was Dodgers in 5, but at this point I’m just rooting for 7 games. I don’t want this wonderfully weird season of baseball to end!

Not a lot doing on the Royals front in the last 24 hours. So let’s move on to the other rumblings.

New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez streamed her playing Among Us on Twitch to “remind people to vote” and it peaked at 435,000 viewers.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers signed...controversial...wide receiver Antonio Brown to a 1 year deal.

Hocus Pocus fans are in luck because the Sanderson Sisters are not only doing a sequel in the near future but they’re doing a special this year on October 30 with a slew of special guests to benefit the New York Restoration Project.

Meriam-Webster has created a tool that will show you the words added to their dictionary by year and people were finding the words added in their year of birth. Good luck finding a better year than the one that produced “outercourse”, “crackhead”, and “zygote intrafallopian transfer”.

Fantasy Football Player of the Week

Carson Wentz, QB, PHI
The powerhouse kicker from our dreams, Rodrigo Blankenship, didn’t get hurt and didn’t miss a field goal last week despite my curse powers. But he did score the 2nd lowest point total of his 6 week season, so the curse lives on.

This week I cannot miss because my pick is someone whomst has already had a successful week. Carson Wentz passed for 359 yards and added 3 touchdowns while leading the Eagles past the Giants on Thursday night.

Yes I realize that this doesn’t do any of you any good, but neither did any of my other picks. Shut up I need some time to myself!

Song of the Day

“Dead” by My Chemical Romance

Oh I’d BET you thought you were getting through this chilly Saturday without hearing the electrically emotional tones of a My Chemical Romance song from four years ago. Egg on your face. I’m not the “that guitar solo from X song was awesome” guy but...the guitar solo in this song is awesome. It absolutely gets my blood going and I thought we could all use a little blood pumping while it’s unusually cold today. Click play, crank it to 11, and let “Dead” make your Saturday ALIVE!