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Royals Rumblings - News for October 3, 2020

Have we caught the monster that hit Moranis yet?

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MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Before we get started, we need to wish baseball legend, Bob Gibson, wishes of peaceful rest. Gibson died after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Our thoughts go out to his friends and family.

Alec Lewis broke down the Royals lineup with one telling stat for each player over at The Athletic.

Jorge Soler’s magic number: 17

Soler did not miss one game in his record-setting 2019 season. He hit 48 home runs. He posted a .304 ISO (isolated power) that ranked sixth in the majors. Health meant development, and development meant premier production. This season, Soler was not healthy. He missed 17 games, and even the games in which he played provided a glimpse at his lack of health. Soler battled an oblique strain the entire year, contributing to an ISO that dipped to .215. Still, somehow, he posted a 108 wRC+, indicating how good he is at the dish.

Lynn Worthy at The Star wrote about the future of the Mondesi-Nicky duo in the middle of the infield.

The Royals still believe in Lopez’s ability to improve as he gets familiar with the big leagues.

“We’re prepared to give him more time,” Moore said.

How much more time Lopez needs, and whether Mondesi can remain consistent offensively, may determine if Merrifield’s days as an infielder are done.

Robert Mays with The Athletic named Royals Owner, Patrick Mahomes, as having one of the best arms of the past 30 years.

Some monster randomly punched Rick Moranis on a New York City sidewalk.

A sequel to Borat is coming and it looks awesome.

Fantasy Football Player of the Week

Jared Goff
The Rams currently have the 4th best passing efficiency in the NFL. And they’re going up against the Giants, currently rocking the 3rd worst passing defense DVOA. Goff has all his weapons healthy and the Giants have to fly across the country to play. The current over/under in Vegas right now is 48 and I think the Rams score at least 47 of those. He’s only rostered in 49.7% of leagues on ESPN so he’s probably available in a league. Go scoop him up and stream him.

Song of the Day

Hopeless Wanderer by Mumford & Sons
This is legit one of my favorite music videos of all time. My love for prime Mumford & Sons is only matched by my love for all four of the guys depicting the band here. It will never not make my day better. I hope that it can do the same for your Saturday. May we all be hopeless wanderers...except Rick Moranis. Get better soon, buddy.