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What would YOU do with the Royals this off-season?

Choose your own GM adventure!

MLB: APR 26 Angels at Royals Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The off-season is officially upon us and we’re all expecting a super slow winter with teams doing everything they can to avoid paying baseball players. The Royals may be willing to buck the trend as they have grown tired of losing and want to start winning now, but it will all depend on how much the new ownership group led by John Sherman is willing to tolerate financial losses, particularly with uncertainty over how next season will be played.

We don’t know what the Royals will do, but we can get an idea of what YOU would do running the Royals. Give us your off-season plan! You can make trades, sign free agents, decide on who to bring back. The Royals have four free agents - Greg Holland, Ian Kennedy, Matt Harvey, and Alex Gordon - which will you bring back? Who on this list of free agents would you target and how much would you offer? Would you trade Whit Merrifield? Jorge Soler? Danny Duffy? Which arbitration-eligible players would you non-tender? Who would you add to the 40-man roster?

Give us your ideal Royals off-season in the comments section!