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Royals Rumblings - News for November 25, 2020

Do you open your presents on Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving Eve?

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Always dress your best.
Minda Haas Kuhlmann

At Diamond Digest, Ryan Ruhde pulls together an offseason outlook for the Royals:

If the Royals make one free agent signing this offseason, I’d like it to be one of Profar or Grossman. The largest vacancy in the Royals roster currently has been left by the retirement of Alex Gordon, and both of these players are capable of filling in in left field, will come at a price that is not too steep for the Royals, and could be long term options in left field with the potential for improvement. Profar is a former top prospect who saw improvement with the Padres in 2020, likely demonstrating his true talent level moving forward with a 111 wRC+ after bringing down his strikeout rate, putting more quality contact in play, and seeing a corresponding increase in BABIP that improved his offensive value overall to slightly above average. Pair that with solid defense, and you get a 27 year old who would be an inexpensive and effective fixture in left field.

Here at Royals Review yesterday, Max Rieper dove into the ZiPS projections for next year’s Royals. I’m re-highlighting these partially just so I can use the following as the pull quote from Dan Szymborski’s presentation of the team’s projections:

The Royals are not a dreadful team.

That’s a perfect marketing tagline. Please check out both links above for much more on the coming season of Royals baseball.

Another FanGraphs project: you can go rate the broadcasters of the AL and NL Central broadcasting teams.

Royals Charities hosted a giveaway of 250 Thanksgiving meals.

The NC Dinos got to celebrate their KBO championship by hoisting a massive sword, which is not the league’s official trophy but ought to be.

The Nippon-Ham Fighters will post RHP Kohei Arihara.

The top 10 Major Leaguers from Missouri.

Atlanta signed RHP Charlie Morton to a one-year, $15 million deal.

Tampa Bay may trade Blake Snell, but to whom?

Rays postseason slugging hero Randy Arozarena is under investigation following some sort of domestic and/or custody situation in Mexico.

The NWSL’s Utah Royals are in trouble and need a new home in a hurry. An ownership group has emerged that wants to bring them to Kansas City, but where would they play? ($)

Need some background noise? Here’s (sorry, it’s a slideshow) 13 movies and shows you can “watch” without looking at the screen.

SNL’s Pete Davidson will be George Bailey in a table read livestream of “It’s a Wonderful Life” on December 13. Michael Shannon is also in the cast, so it will automatically be great.

Legendary Jeopardy contestant Ken Jennings will fill in as interim host when the show resumes taping.

The young man behind the fascinating paint-mixing TikTok account was fired from Sherwin-Williams for his videos.

SOTD: this one is for any of our friends here who are staying sober in times that don’t lend themselves to doing so. Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit - It Gets Easier.