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Thanksgiving Day open thread

We give thanks to you!

American Thanksgiving Dinner Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

It is one of the more unusual Thanksgiving Days in recent history, and while most of us won’t be able to visit loved ones today, just know you have virtual friends to share Thanksgiving with! Here are your Thanksgiving open thread questions.

  1. There is a debate on Twitter as to whether turkey is gross and should be abandoned as a Thanksgiving Day tradition, or whether those that argue that have just never had well-cooked turkey. What do you think, yay or nay on turkey?
  2. If you could invite any Royals player, past or present, to Thanksgiving dinner (when not in a pandemic) who would it be?
  3. Is there any dish your family adds to Thanksgiving that is not considered a traditional Thanksgiving staple? Or is there something you think SHOULD be added to Thanksgiving?
  4. Should the Lions and Cowboys continue to host the traditional Thanksgiving NFL games?
  5. Planning on buying anything on Black Friday?

From all of us at Royals Review to all of you, Happy Thanksgiving and stay safe!