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Royals Rumblings- News for November 7, 2020

Would you believe that Getty has startling few images for the PlayStation 5?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 28 CFP Semifinal at the Fiesta Bowl - Clemson v Ohio State
Clemson Defensive End K.J Henry
Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

This upcoming week marks the release of the next generation of video game consoles into the United States along with a handful of other countries with more countries scheduled to get their own collective hands on the consoles in the coming weeks. So celebrate this, I wanted to share an image of one of the consoles. But Getty only provided us with mockups of the new XBOX that are obviously a fraction of the real size and, well, this was the top result when I searched “PlayStation 5”. This player wears number 5 and he was playing in the PlayStation Bowl. Excellent.

Anyway, did anybody manage to snag a preorder of either console? I utterly failed. This is the first generation I don’t think I’m even interested in an XBOX but I definitely want a PS5. Solid State Drive load times make my heart sing. OK, enough of the game talk, let’s check out the news.

In one of the few stories where you can absolutely go, “Aww, what good humans!” without doing a double take and realizing all the awful humans being awful it took to get here, a kind man donated his entire 25,000 baseball card collection to a girl who lost her somewhat smaller one in the forest fires still raging in California. Be sure to click the link to see her heartwarming reaction.

Sam Mellinger sees opportunity in this off-season for the Royals. Of course, he’s not the only one.

Steve Cohen has decided not to waste any time refurbishing his new investment. (It’s the Mets, he bought the Mets)

MLB chose not to punish Justin Turner for returning to the field following the Dodgers 2020 World Series win. They cited their own lapses in doing so.

For those of you who enjoyed Tasty Hoon’s failed effort at creating a cheese fondue fountain last week, you’ll be glad to know he was not discouraged and found a way to beat the odds.

A former Rays prospect and first-round draft pick was convicted of triple-homicide.

Cody Bellinger appears to have slugged his way into the latest Assassin’s Creed game.

AJ Hinch got a job as a manager again, last week, after serving his one-year suspension. This Alex Cora has a new job, too...with the same team that fired him the first time. Somebody oughta tell Carlos Beltran to go apply for the Mets job, again.

Fantasy Football pick

This is apparently a thing Josh likes to do when he normally writes these? I’m awful at Fantasy Football, so take my suggestion with a grain of salt but I highly recommend starting Patrick Mahomes. I know he was a big baseball prospect, but I really feel like he’s taken to this football thing pretty well and might just turn out to be really good when all is said and done.

Song of the Day

Today I will give you two of my most favorite cultural mashups of all time. WagakkiBand is a Japanese band that plays rock music on traditional Japanese instruments. Amy Lee is the frontwoman for the band Evanescence. They sound really good together. The first link is a WagakkiBand original with Amy Lee adding some vocals and the second is Evanescence’s classic song with a WagakkiBand twist.