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Royals Rumblings - News for December 17, 2020

The Negro Leagues get Major League treatment.

Kansas City Monarchs Photo by Mark Rucker/Transcendental Graphics/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for December 17, 2020

Greg Holland says he wants to be part of a winning team again, writes Lynn Worthy.

“Maybe it’s a loyalty within me,” Holland said, seemingly offering it up as an explanation as well as a question. “I still feel grateful for Dayton (Moore) giving me the opportunity to play to begin with. The relationships I built in the minor leagues and in my first few years in the big leagues, I truly feel like that was a special part of my life — not just my baseball career.

“But on top of that, the organization itself is first class. It’s chock-full of people who care about winning but also care about the players and the process of it all.”

Shortstop Jeison Guzman is back in the organization.

Kevin O’Brien at Royals Reporter looks as to what games with fans may look like next year.

As a Royals baseball fan, it would suck to not see the Royals at the K for perhaps the first month of the season (or at least not see the Royals play in front of an unrestricted Kauffman Stadium; considering Arrowhead Stadium has been able to pull of a crowd of at least 16,000 during a much worse time in the pandemic, I think Kansas City would do something similar for the Royals). However, I think baseball fans both here and across the nation would deal with that sacrifice not being in the ballpark for a month or two as long as a full baseball season were to incur. Baseball is meant to be a 162-game season, and anything less, for a second straight year, would only taint the game, as well as jeopardize what players and employees make, which isn’t fair considering how much they sacrificed to play baseball in 2020.

Fox Sports Kansas City has Royals Warmup on this week.

Shawn Bauman at Kings of Kauffman would like to see an on-base machine in this lineup.

The Rays bring back catcher Mike Zunino on a one-year deal.

The Giants sign pitcher Anthony DeSclafani to a one-year deal.

The Angels sign lefty reliever Alex Claudio.

What if Max Scherzer was on the Yankees?

Like the Royals, the Texas Rangers have had an active off-season.

The Yankees are confident they’ll have the highest payroll in 2021.

Who could the Mets move in a blockbuster deal?

Minor league clubs are pushing back on signing an agreement with MLB.

A social psychologist explains why waiting through baseball’s off-season is so hard.

Former shortstop Omar Vizquel is accused of domestic abuse.

Craig Edwards at Fangraphs wants to see two tweaks to the game of baseball.

MLB adds Negro League statistics to the official record. But not everyone thinks this is a good solution.

Here is your NBA season preview.

The NFL will delay a decision on whether to implement a 17-game season in 2021.

Inaccessibility still leaves some color blind gamers in the dark.

Tom Cruise tears into his Mission Impossible crew for not following COVID-19 safety protocols.

NBC has a Night Court sequel in the works.

Your song of the day is Saint Motel with Benny Goodman.