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Let’s hear your Festivus grievances on the Royals

A playoff would be a Festivus Miracle!

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Today is Festivus, a holiday derived from a 1997 episode of Seinfeld. In that episode, George Costanza’s father has invented a new holiday as a rebuke to the crass commercialization of Christmas. Festivus traditions include the Festivus Pole (better to have a high strength-to-weight ratio), the “feats of strength” (which may include wrestling matches), and a Festivus Dinner, which includes the “airing of grievances.”

Originally a gag in a popular sitcom, Festivus has become adopted with some seriousness, at least the “airing of grievances.”

With this awful year coming to an end soon, let’s get some things off our chest. Let’s hear your grievances. You may have a beef with the Royals. Or maybe with us. Or maybe with a certain children’s furniture retailer.

We do ask that you still abide by community guidelines - don’t be a jerk to other users. But we can’t help it if you want to challenge someone to a wrestling match.