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Royals Rumblings - News for February 10, 2020

Are the Royals ready to win now?

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MLB: Kansas City Royals at Miami Marlins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Royals Rumblings - News for February 10, 2020

Lynn Worthy writes the Royals may emphasize winning more this year under Mike Matheny.

“I’m tired of hearing about the rebuild,” said Alex Gordon, the longest-tenured Royals player, after re-signing with the club in late Janaury. “It’s kind of been like a two-year thing, and I feel like we’re better than that.”....

“He’s ready to win and I think that’s been a big key, expressing that to our players right now over the offseason,” Gordon said. “We’re not rebuilding. We’re ready to win now. Hopefully we can get that mindset in spring raining because I feel like that needs to be addressed.”

Jim Bowden grades the Royals’ off-season a “D+”.

In terms of player movement, the Royals’ biggest acquisition was the signing of free-agent third baseman Maikel Franco, who was a huge disappointment for the Phillies. Franco, 27, has a career .302 on-base percentage with slow feet and below-average range at the hot corner. He has hit 17 or more home runs in each of the last four seasons and will be given one more chance to prove he’s an everyday major-league player. The Royals also brought back Gold Glove outfielder Alex Gordon, who decided not to retire and returned on a club-friendly 1-year, $4 million contract. However, the Royals did not sign any free agents that they could then spin at the trade deadline and didn’t make a single trade for a major-league young player or top prospect. It’s hard to give them a decent grade when they did so little in terms of improving their player pool.

Clint Scoles at Royals Academy warns not to look past Foster Griffin.

Results in Arizona will ultimately make the final decision for the Royals but I wouldn’t rule out Foster Griffin in the race for that spot initially. There is some incentive for the Royals to go elsewhere for the first 5th starter spot in terms of gaming that service time. Yes I know the Royals don’t typically game service time for their players but there is a numbers game in terms of losing players and they typically like inventory so giving the spot to someone else already on the 40 man roster makes much more sense. If Griffin carries the increase in fastball from the winter leagues over to the spring then I would be surprised if he didn’t win the job. ranks all 30 closers.

16) Royals — Ian Kennedy, RHP: The Royals ended up finding a handy use for Kennedy in the last two years of his contract, and he may even have more use if the Royals flip him to a bullpen-hungry team at the deadline.

Pete Grathoff came up with ten similarities between the 2015 Royals and the 2019 Chiefs.

The Mookie Betts trade is finally complete.

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