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Royals Rumblings - News for February 26, 2020

Ash Wednesday.

Jeffrey Flanagan spoke with Mike Matheny about who might be the 26th man:

“How do you define the 26th man? Someone who can run for you? Someone who can pinch-hit? A defender? I think more often than not you’ll see a defender in that role.

“Ideally you would look at a guy who can play the middle infield and also play the outfield. You look at a Mejia or a Reynolds. Both of those guys would be in anybody’s thought process — it doesn’t get any more versatile than that. Then you add into the equation that Mejia is a switch-hitter.”

In a separate notes column, Flanagan reported that Maikel Franco will be back in the lineup and just fine after getting hit in the face with a ball during a drill.

Sweepy McBroomerton Ryan McBroom hit a mighty dinger into the wind:

I really like when Sheryl Ring’s stories go up on Tuesdays, so I can post them here. I asked her if Tuesday is her specific day for stories to run, but it is not - it’s just a happy coincidence. This week: could the Twins sue Marwin Gonzalez because he was on the Astros in the cheating years?

The Yankees’ starting pitcher Luis Severino needs Tommy John surgery.

Chris Davis of the Orioles talked with MASN about using kinematic sequence to maximize his body’s potential.

The Mets might be going with a fifth starter by committee.

Minor League Baseball has an official frozen meal partner, and it is STOUFFER’S.

Marvelous work, SJ Giants:

Steph Curry could rejoin the last-place Warriors in early March.

Stephanie McNeal at Buzzfeed News went deep on LuLaRoe, the clothing company that is most assuredly a pyramid scheme.

[Related: if you’ve become entangled in one of these companies, you are not alone! It happens to loads of smart people, and you can get out. This Reddit community may be a good resource. For more general anti-MLM content, Reddit has you covered here.]

I’m too old to know if the Skull Breaker Challenge on TikTok is real or an urban legend in real time (like the “rainbow parties” on the news back in the day...which never actually happened), but if it’s real, talk to your youths about it.

Some eerie photos of sandstorms in the Canary Islands.

From Ask a Manager: a recruiter used this letter writer’s dad’s death as a recruiting push. That is so, so gross.

People who deliver groceries for InstaCart seem to be getting closer to being classified as employees.

Music today: Rolling Stones - Beast of Burden