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Royals Rumblings - News for March 11, 2020

Work-from-home Wednesday, til further notice

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Lynn Worthy at the KC Star noted that Ian Kennedy is more comfortable with life as a reliever in this, his first full spring knowing that would be his role:

Kennedy made the transition from starting pitcher to reliever in spring training last year, though he went into camp expecting to pitch as a starter. He spent much of the regular season learning to adjust to life in the bullpen.

“This spring has been a lot better, mentally,” Kennedy said.

The same story goes on to talk about the Royals and COVID-19 (emphasis mine):

First baseman Ryan O’Hearn downplayed the impact the spread of the virus has had on his daily dealings with people.

“I’m a believer that it is what it is,” O’Hearn said. “I’m not going to change my lifestyle or whatever. Obviously, you don’t want to get sick. Maybe wash my hands a few more times this spring, but I don’t think it has been a huge concern for me.”

At The Athletic, Alec Lewis wrote about RHP Chance Adams, who the Royals acquired from the Yankees in December:

Because it’s the Yankees, a club that has enough capital to discard even players such as Adams who were one-time prospects, the task to keep the pinstripes was going to be tough. An opportunity with a team such as the Royals made more sense. Not only were there more open spots to fill, but also a fresh slate to cover.

That’s how Adams, who stands 6-feet-1 and weighs 225 pounds, has viewed this spring training situation, one he hopes will lead to a spot on the Royals’ 26-man roster. He attempts to think not of the past but of the present, a time in which he is fighting to earn a final spot.

“As one of my coaches, José Rosado, said, ‘If you have one foot in the past and one foot in the future, you’re shitting on the present,’” Adams said. “So you’ve gotta be here and locked in and focus on what you have to do today.”

At FanGraphs, Brendan Gawlowski checked out Kris Bubic:

On Monday, Bubic worked up to 93 with the fastball, but sat lower and was in the upper-80s at times. He also mixed in a cutter, a roundhouse 11-5 curve with long but sharp break, and a fading changeup. Against one of the best lineups he’s ever seen, Bubic wasn’t sharp and paid the price. He nibbled a bit with the fastball and fell behind in counts too often. His change and curve had hitters on their front foot when in the zone, but didn’t miss any bats even when they were located well. He had trouble getting a feel for his change early, throwing four of his first five low and well outside to righties. At their best, both offerings were above average.

Boulevard is releasing a new Royals-themed blonde ale, which also ties in with Charlie Hustle Clothing Co. t-shirts whose proceeds benefit the Ronald McDonald House, and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Washington Nationals ace Max Scherzer is dealing with some kind of discomfort or fatigue in his side.

At Prospects Live, Benjamin Chase fact-checks and rebuts some of the arguments against raising minor league wages.

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By requiring a 6-foot distance between players and the media members attempting to report on them, MLB has lightly grazed the idea of Coronavirus action plans.

Analysis of the three batter minimum, at FanGraphs.

Artificial turf is making a comeback in MLB.

Ohio governor Mike DeWine asks that no indoor sporting events be held in front of crowds, in the whole state, ahead of high school basketball championship weekend.

Some proposed rule changes in the NFL include the opportunity for a trailing team to keep the ball and try a 4th and 15 after scoring, as an alternative to onside kicking.

Related to nothing at all (seriously), let’s revisit the extremely drunken outtakes from Orson Welles doing a champagne commercial.

If there haven’t been any reported cases in your city yet, it might be a good idea to act as if COVID-19 has already landed near you. Flatten the curve!

Timeless advice for news anchors:

Speaking of TV, evidently average cable bills now exceed all other utility bills combined.

Here is a photo of Chris Hemsworth and a baby koala, if that is what your day needs. It IS what your day needs.

Music: I know it’s 3/11 so I should do some 311, but I wasn’t in the mood. But I’m always in the mood for Heart, so: