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Weekend Rumblings - News for March 14, 2020

Keep Whit safe!

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Kansas City Royals Photo Day Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Weekend Rumblings - News for March 14, 2020

Lynn Worthy talks to the Royals about spring training being halted over the coronavirus.

“Nobody is nervous about getting it,” Royals All-Star Whit Merrifield said Thursday morning....

”We had a meeting with the doctor a couple weeks ago. Basically, he told us if we get it we probably won’t even know we got it. It will be very mild symptoms, if any symptoms. If the symptoms do happen to get a little intense, it will be like having the flu. Our bodies will fight it off. We’re young and healthy and our immune systems are strong. It’s not us they’re worried about, it’s passing it to those that can’t fight it off.”

At Royals Academy, Clint Scoles profiles outfield prospect Khalil Lee.

Kevin O’Brien at Royal Reporter looks at the Royals pitchers who shined in spring training.

Trevor Rosenthal talks to the Spectrum Sports podcast about his comeback.

MLB is encouraging players to go home.

Teams are also pulling scouts from the road and sending them home.

A delay in the season will hit stadium workers the hardest.

Jay Jaffe looks at the holding pattern in baseball and what might come next.

Tigers ownership will pay spring staff for lost wages.

Orioles outfielder Trey Mancini had a malignant tumor removed.

Could the Christian Yelich deal become the next Bobby Bonilla contract?

Reactions to the cancellation of the College World Series.

Deadspin is back, but with no comments.

The most interesting NFL teams heading into free agency.

The NCAA considered a 16-team mini-tournament for basketball.

Why is the U.S. so far behind in coronavirus testing?

Bill Gates steps down from the Microsoft board.

What does the coronavirus mean for streaming services?

Your song of the day is Sonny Stitt with Four.