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Royals minor leaguers react to seeing themselves in MLB: The Show ‘20

You’re in the Show!

On Friday, San Diego Studios did an early release for MLB: The Show 20 for those willing to spend an extra $20 (at least) for access. Regular release is slated for Tuesday, March 17. For the first time, minor leaguers were included in rosters and some Royals farmhands had some interesting reactions to seeing their virtual selves.

*Note that the ratings are on a 0-100 score and “potential” grades are similar to grades in school (A,B, C, D, F)

Grant Gavin is digging that “B” potential but not so much his video game face. Ladies can we get a “Hot or Not” rating for our boy?

Daniel Tillo went the opposite direction, admiring how good his looks turned out but asking for some good heat on that “potential” rating.

Nick Heath had some thoughts on his speed ratings...

60 BAGS, DUDE!! I mean Rudy Martin is fast and The Show breaded him up with an 83 speed, but 73 for Nick Heath is disrespectful! Can we get this man significantly more razzle dazzle please?!?!?

This year’s installment was the first year where the “full” minor league rosters were included. I paid for the early access to get a taste of these new inclusions. I have thoughts.

Farm System

  • Jace Vines is the Royals third-best starting pitcher apparently with a 74 rating. I feel like I’ve got a pretty solid handle on the farm system and I had to look him up. Apparently someone was impressed with his 5.47 ERA in 51 IP AA last year as a 24 year old.
  • Daniel Lynch is nowhere to be found. I’m not sure how you miss the #61 overall prospect in baseball. This is an atrocity and I will not stand for it.
  • Kris Bubic is the highest rated pitcher of the “Core 4” as a 70 rating and an A in potential. Brady Singer is a 67/A. Jackson Kowar is a 65/C. A “C” rating??!?!
  • Other big omissions to me are Royals’ #9 prospect Jonathan Bowlan, #10 Carlos Hernandez, #15 Brady McConnell, #16 Brewer Hicklen, #20 Yefri Del Rosario, #30 Yohanse Morel, and “unranked but gonna be a guy” Gabe Speier. #5 Erick Pena is also missing but he’s 17 and the minimum age for a player in the game is 18.
  • Despite all of this, the farm still has seven guys considered “top prospects” (Pratto, Singer, Melendez, Gigliotti, Isbel, Bubic, Witt Jr.) I’d take that in reality to go with the guys they’ve left out.
  • Khalil Lee is a 55/C.
  • Jimmy Govern received some love from San Diego Studios with a 71/C rating. Govern was a 30th round pick in the 2019 draft and was sent to Rookie ball. There he raked in 49 games before getting promoted to AAA, where he slashed .333/.333/.667 in 21 plate appearances.

Big League Roster

  • My biggest gripes lie in the bullpen ratings.
    Staumont: 61/B
    Rosario: 56/B
    Sparkman: 56/C
    Newberry: 52/B
    Skoglund: 68/B
    Kennedy: 70/C
    I mean, all of these guys have big league innings under their belt and, though I realize that doesn’t mean they’re quality pitchers, some of those are laughable and I will not stand for it. As a matter of fact, I will sit (and continue playing this game) in protest.
  • Gordo’s arm strength is a 59. What are we doing here? Anything involving strength and Alex Gordon is elite no matter what we’re rating.
  • Speaking of left fielders, apparently the Royals just have 2 of them in the entire org. Thank goodness we signed Gordo in the offseason, right? Whew!
  • Mondesi is an 85 rating (very good) but only a B in potential (not good enough).
  • After missing for so many years, Soler’s bat finally got the respect it deserves (94/83). That’s what leading the league in moon shot dongs will get you.
  • Nicky Lopez has a lower rating than Bobby Witt Jr. His contact skills are rated 49/54 and that’s just wrong despite having trouble with major league pitchers last season. A few of us around here often compare him to White Sox prospect Nick Madrigal (#40 overall prospect). Madrigal’s contact rating right now is 62/69.

Plus they left out Nicky’s new lion’s mane of hair.

2020 Kansas City Royals Photo Day Photo by Jennifer Stewart/MLB Photos via Getty Images

I am currently working on some corrections to this roster before I dive in for another futile franchise mode. I mean, there’s no actual action and there won’t be for a while; the hell else is there to do?