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Monday Spring Training Off Day Open Thread


The roller coaster Wildfire at Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO
The roller coaster Wildfire at Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO
user inatej, Reddit

Wait, didn’t Spring Training start like a week ago? Why do we have an off day today? There are like a billion people in camp. Surely somebody can go play baseball, yeah?

Alas, that is not the case, so I will therefore do what I have done before: welcome to our Off Day Off Topic Thread. Please answer and enjoy.

  1. Look, it’s easy to take a dump on things that people like to gain Style Points or whatever. It’s much more difficult to point out something good in something that gets a bad reputation. What’s something you like in a place that people love to hate?
  2. When you’re young, it’s relatively easy to learn things—or at least easier than when you’re older. Old dog, new tricks, etc. What’s something that you’ve learned or tried to learn way after most people learn how to do it?
  3. Which two musical artists would you love to see a significant collaboration between that hasn’t happened yet?
  4. Picking between winter and summer is easy, as the two are very different. Spring and fall feature similar temperatures, so it’s harder to pick between the two as your favorite. If forced to choose, do you prefer spring or fall more?
  5. There’s a moment in Parks & Rec where Ron Swanson geeks out that a well-known woodworker is also attending an awards ceremony that Swanson is. The camera pans over and he looks normal and unbothered, and nothing seems to indicate he’s famous. Who is someone well-known in a specific niche that you would like to meet but who isn’t conventionally famous?

BONUS: Someone at work offers you some cupcakes. Your choices are red velvet or peanut butter. Which one do you select?