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Royals Rumblings - News for March 3, 2020

Gordo brings veteran presents.

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Oakland Athletics v Kansas City Royals Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for March 3, 2020

Nicky Lopez has added weight, but the Royals aren’t expecting him to be a slugger or anything, writes Lynn Worthy.

“We were real clear, everybody was, about, ‘We’re not trying to turn you into a launch guy,’” Royals manager Mike Matheny said. “‘You need to put together really good at-bats. You’re a run scorer. You need to do all the little things right, but don’t be afraid to drive the ball in counts where you can drive the ball. Hey man, lead the league in doubles. There’s nothing wrong with that.’

”Actually, that’s a really good goal. Every once in a while the ball is going to sneak out.”

Mike Matheny wants to make sure his pitchers don’t give up stolen bases, writes Jeffrey Flanagan.

“I don’t want to get into a rant, but I don’t see the value of the full windup,” Matheny said. “It’s worthless for most pitchers....

“People think that as a former catcher saying this, it must be about stolen-base percentage to me. That’s garbage. It’s about bases that turn into potential runs that turn into potential losses.”

Flanny also has a mailbag column where he talks about the biggest surprise in camp.

The superb defense of outfielder Kyle Isbel has raised some eyebrows, including mine. Isbel, the No. 7 Royals prospect per MLB Pipeline, can really cover some ground. Also, I’ve been impressed by the overall game of Khalil Lee, the No. 8 prospect, and his ability to drive the ball the opposite way. Both have big futures.

Alex Gordon is providing veteran presence, writes Alex Weiner with the Star.

“It’s about everyone getting their work done,” Gordon said. “But at the same time it’s younger guys asking older guys what it takes to get to where they are and how to stay where they are, picking each other’s brains and learning as much as we can.

”Even at my age, I’m trying to learn little things I can do. So, as long as you keep an open mind and try to get better and learn then that means the most.”

Kyle Zimmer has to shift his focus from health to results, writes Vahe Gregorian.

“In the past, I was so worried about just being healthy that I had to sort of shift to, ‘OK, now you’ve got to worry about performance,’ “ he said. “So it was a different thing to overcome and battle through, because I hadn’t thought about performance in years.

”So it was a whole different battle that I had to reintroduce myself to and relearn.”

The Royals scout former Marlins pitcher Henderson Alvarez.

Keith Law ranks the Royals as the #12 farm system.

Marcus Meade at Royals Farm Report has five prospects he’s following this year.

Kevin O’Brien at Royal Reporter has ten reasons why he’s a Royals fan,

Inside MLB’s plans to crack down on cheating.

Kris Bryant’s tenuous future with the Cubs is on the clock.

The Yankees are interested in Mets pitcher Steven Matz.

ESPN hires Chipper Jones for Sunday Night Baseball.

Trevor Bauer responds to sign-stealing by telling batters what pitch is coming.

Anthony Rizzo also mocks the Astros while mic’d up for a spring training game.

Watch Mike Trout blast golf balls at Top Golf.

Jose Bautista is trying to make a comeback as a two-way player.

Rays uber-prospect Wander Franco will play for the Dominican Republic in Olympic qualifying.

Rays minor leaguer Garrett Whitley is struck in the face by a foul ball.

The Mets have a mismatched outfield.

One summer league baseball team will remove all advertising in their stadium.

What team would make sense for Tom Brady?

The NCAA is preparing for the possibility of having tournament games with no fans.

How to prepare for the coronavirus.

Why so many Americans won’t talk about money.

Judge Judy will end after 25 seasons, but another show is in the works.

Your song of the day is Talking Heads with Wild Wild Life.