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Royals Rumblings - News for March 4, 2020

Today’s date is a command.

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Blowin’ in the wind.
Minda Haas Kuhlmann

Royals outfield prospect Khalil Lee put on somewhere between 15 and 30 pounds this offseason, writes Alec Lewis at The Athletic:

Allow Lee to explain how his size translates to his swing.

“Starting off young, I wanted to work on being a good hitter,” Lee said. “Now I think I’m growing into my body now and getting more strength behind it. I know I’ve been putting on a little bit of weight and gaining strength. I can see in batting practice I’ve gained a lot more power, but it’s about finding the happy medium between, there’s a time not to let it go and a time to let it go.”

The new ‘Soler Power’ billboard looks awesome, but I need someone close to the dirt to tell me if it’s awesome in person.

The weirdest reason for a game delay in 2020 so far:

The Padres have a first base problem, says friend of the site Dan Szymborski at FanGraphs.

Looks like the Brewers signed outfield star Christian Yelich to a big honkin’ extension. What does that mean for Milwaukee?

Oakland pitcher and long-hair haver A.J. Puk has a mild shoulder strain.

Chris Sale is probably hoping for a similar outcome from his MRI.

It seems like a miracle that players and personnel (and photographers...) in the dugout don’t get hit with foul balls more often. Tampa Bay prospect Garrett Whitley suffered multiple facial fractures from that happening to him. What a nightmare.

Alex Rodriguez say the Astros deserve whatever they have coming in the wake of their cheating, as he deserved his punishment.

Sheryl Ring makes a case for not stripping Houston of the 2017 championship, and it makes me feel squicky about baseball as a whole.

What the heck is happening between filmmaker Spike Lee and the Knicks?

A West Virginia wrestler finished his high school career 142-0.

What is your workplace planning to do in response to COVID-19? If things come to our area, mine will close the doors to all walk-ins, which would kind of rule.

Related: from KCUR, a Kansas Citian in quarantine reads from their Coronavirus diary.

This letter writer’s manager stinks. You don’t owe your workplace your whole existence.

When you see a post on Reddit from a person who’s been lying to their husband for 8 years, you might think you’re about to read some real scummy stuff. Read this one anyway.

Periodic reminder that the header images on Wednesday Rumblings are always Good Baseball Dogs, which I have photographed over the years at Storm Chasers games. The full collection is here.

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