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Saturday Spring Training Thread: Reds at Royals

Danny Duffy on Kansas City Royals Photo Day
Danny Duffy is bringing the heat
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Spring Training continues on and Danny Duffy gets his second start of the pre-season. The left-hander was signed to a contract extension before the 2017 season that keeps him under contract to the Royals through next season but has struggled with both his health and effectiveness since signing the deal. The Royals would probably be seriously considering a move to the bullpen, where he’s been exceptionally effective before, but their rotation lacks any kind of depth with only Brad Keller established as good enough over the past two years to be expected to pitch effectively in that role over the course of an entire season.

Duffy, then, is almost guaranteed a rotation spot out of spring training but he’ll need to be effective if he wants to keep it. The 2018 draft class of college pitchers are all knocking on the door of the big league rotation and two or three of them may be ready for it by midyear. Here’s hoping Danny can find some success in whatever role he finds himself in.