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Royals Rumblings - News for March 9, 2020

Will Mondesi be ready for the start of the season?

Kansas City Royals v Oakland Athletics Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for March 9, 2020

Vahe Gregorian profiles new manager Mike Matheny.

“One of the greatest gifts we can give them is that we will not waste their time,” said Matheny, speaking with the constant eye contact he seems to maintain with everyone he encounters. “There’s a purpose to every single thing we do, or we just don’t do it. If we don’t have a good ‘why,’ then we shouldn’t be doing it at all.”

This is what general manager Dayton Moore means when he says Matheny is engaged and inviting and “very intentional about interacting.” This is what Merrifield is talking about when he says Matheny is “super hands-on … doing all the things you like to see a manager do.”

”Mike’s been incredible,” Merrifield said. “It was really needed.”

Adalberto Mondesi still hasn’t appeared in a Cactus League Game.

“As he has been pushed, it has created this little pause here,” Matheny said. “So [Mondesi] just wanted some reassurance, and the surgeon got his hands on him and said everything looks really good. That’s the green light to keep pushing and whatever he’s feeling is completely normal.”

Matheny said he isn’t sure how many actual Cactus League games Mondesi nears to appear in to be ready for the opener.

“I don’t have that perfect number,” Matheny said. “It would be more about how he looks and how the work he has been doing can translate into games. You can mimic some of the things.”

Jeffrey Flanagan writes about goals for this season.

Both general manager Dayton Moore and new manager Mike Matheny routinely cringe whenever the term “rebuilding” is attached to this team.

“We can’t even be thinking in those terms,” Moore said. “We are done with that. We have an obligation to win as many games as possible. There is an expectation for these players to perform and to win. That’s what we’re here for.

Nicky Lopez wants to prove he belongs in the big leagues, writes Griffin Fabits in a special to the Star.

Lopez walks with a little more swagger these days. He said being in the major leagues and proving he belongs has meant “getting back to my old self.” His old self is what propelled him to everyday second-baseman status in the first place.

”I know how everything works, where to go about my business, that kind of stuff,” he said. “I know what to expect.”

Alex Weiner writes about how the Chiefs’ success may inspire the Royals

“We saw how it took over the city,” first baseman Ryan O’Hearn said. “It’s motivation to work towards that. That’s the goal, to compete and bring those people out and bring that atmosphere that we all love to play in.”

Danny Duffy struck out six in four innings against the Reds in a sharp outing.

“It was a good outing,” Duffy said. “I still want to work on getting my fastball down a little bit more and fastball command arm-side, but everything comes with time. I can fine-tune that.”

The Royals make their first round of reassignments to minor league camp.

Remember Ashe Russell?

Longtime Burlington Royals owner Miles Wolff sells the team.

Former Royal Ben Zobrist has no plans to play this year, but won’t officially retire.

Don’t slide like this.

Orioles outfielder Trey Mancini will miss time with a non-baseball medical procedure.

How Kyle Boddy infiltrated Major League Baseball.

Jack Flaherty takes a stand against the Cardinals on his salary.

Some spring training standouts around baseball.

J.D. Martinez blasts the idea of banning in-game video in clubhouses.

Buster Olney (INSIDER) thinks baseball should go all-in on access to players.

The Florida State League will switch to robo-umpires in 2020.

Will Major League Baseball exist in 2030?

Untold stories of 40 years of fantasy baseball.

How the coronavirus could affect North American sports leagues.

The NHL had a game produced and broadcast entirely by women.

How will the coronavirus outbreak end?

The convincing science of light therapy.

Arnold Schwarzenegger sues a robotics company for making an Arnold lookalike.

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