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Royals Rumblings - News for April 14, 2020

is George Brett the best third baseman in Royals history? Yes. Yes he is.

MLB Photos Archive Photo by Ron Vesely/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for April 14, 2020

Jeffrey Flanagan lists the top third basemen in club history, and guess who tops the list?

1. George Brett, 1973-93_

Key fact: First-ballot Hall of Famer_

As if there was any doubt who is No. 1. Brett not only was the best third baseman in Royals history, he was one of the best in MLB history.

As the late Royals broadcaster Fred White once said, “I think when George goes to heaven, there will be Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig and a few of the really, really great ones all hanging around together, and one of ‘em will say, ‘Hey, that’s George Brett.’”

Connor Byrne of MLB Trade Rumors compares Bobby Witt, Jr. with another AL Central infield prospect, Twins shortstop Royce Lewis.

Witt, the son of former MLB hurler Bobby Witt, joined the Royals as the No. 2 pick in last year’s draft. He, like Lewis, got to the majors after a tremendous performance as a high school shortstop, and wound up signing for an almost $7.8MM bonus. But Witt endured his struggles during his initial taste of pro ball last summer, hitting .262/.317/.354 (85 wRC+) with only one homer in 180 PA in rookie ball. Nevertheless, Longenhagen compared Witt to Rockies star Trevor Story just a couple weeks ago, writing, “There are going to be some strikeouts but Witt is a big, athletic specimen who is very likely to not only stay at shortstop but be quite good there.”

Matt Snyder at CBS Sports puts together an all-time Royals lineup.

I’m sure some would want me to pick Alcides Escobar but he hit .259/.292/.344 (73 OPS+) with the Royals and while he played good defense, it wasn’t all-time great and that’s what I’d need to get past that woeful offense. Of course, the Royals’ history with shortstops isn’t great. The highest WAR season is Jay Bell but he only played with the Royals for one year. The career WAR leader is Freddie Patek and he hit just .241/.309/.321 (78 OPS+). There were short runs from guys like Kurt Stillwell, U.L. Washington and Angel Berroa. I tried to cheat but Merrifield, Kevin Seitzer or Mike Moustakas never started a game at short. Eh, forget it. We’ll just go with Escobar.

Royals outfield prospect John Rave talks about his first pro spring training.

“It stung pretty bad having to leave baseball behind and it being our first spring training, we were really enjoying it. Definitely my first spring training, I won’t forget,” Rave said. “The Royals actually sent us some at home workouts, so I’m able to workout in my apartment and stuff like that.”

Mike Gillespie at Kings of Kauffman wonders if Ashe Russell is still in the Royals’ plans.

Darin Watson looks at this day in Royals history, when Willie Aikens got his first hit.

Craig Edwards grades each GM by their best and worst trade.

An oral history of the Zach Wheeler/Wilmer Flores trade that never happened.

Dan Szymborski projects what the standings would look like under the proposed Arizona/Florida realignment.

Tom Verducci proposes a 43-game season with an expanded post-season.

A public health expert weighs in on MLB’s plan to start in May.

Which players will earn 10-and-5 rights this year?

The Korean baseball league is scheduled to begin in May, and ESPN may carry games.

Baseball America releases their Top 400 draft prospect list.

He filled in Mariano Rivera - and then he was done.

A Washington Nationals staffer tests positive for coronavirus.

KU’s Devon Dotson will forego his final two seasons and enter the NBA draft.

Who was the best NBA team to never win a title?

ESPN asks its top paid employees to take a pay cut.

Google and Apple may end up tracking you to contain the coronavirus outbreak.

What teachers need to make remote learning work.

Sesame Street goes to Zoom.

Your song of the day is Pink Floyd with Wish You Were Here.