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Royals Rumblings - News for April 21, 2020

RIP, Bob Oliver.

Kansas City Royals Bob Oliver & New York Yankees Thurman Munson

Royals Rumblings - News for April 21, 2020

Pete Grathoff writes about the time seven years ago the Royals had to shelter in place after the bombing at the Boston Marathon.

Tim Collins, at the time a relief pitcher for the Royals, is from Worcester, Massachusetts and told in 2013 he was expecting family and friends to attend that night’s game.

Instead, they stayed home and Collins hunkered down.

”I think this is probably the safest place you can be because there are so many officers, FBI and stuff like that,” Collins said. “Until they catch the guy, this is a pretty safe place to be. You really couldn’t tell anything outside when we flew in but once we got closer to the hotel, you could really see what was going on.”

Bob Oliver, who was on the first Royals team in 1969, dies at age of 77.

MLB has made available every game from the last two years for free, so Jeffrey Flanagan lists his favorite Royals games from that time.

Flanny also lists his favorite Royals shortstops of all-time, including Freddie Patek.

Patek’s physical stature — 5-foot-5 — in no way diminished his impact on the Royals of that time. In fact, then manager Whitey Herzog called him the best “artificial-turf shortstop” he ever managed. Even Patek joked when once asked what it was like to be the shortest player in the Majors, “Well, it’s better than being the shortest player in the Minors.”

Alex Rodriguez is raising money for a potential bid on the Mets.

MLB players say their pay shouldn’t be cut if ballparks are empty.

Teams can start laying off employees beginning May 1.

David Scharff at Kings of Kauffman projects prospect Jackson Kowar.

MLB may now be considering a three-state plan for the regular season, with some games in Texas.

Derek Jeter says he’ll forgo his salary during the pandemic.

Seven MVPs who were outperformed by their own teammate.

Fans file a class action lawsuit over ticket refunds.

Dan Szymborski looks at how the shortened season will affect the schedule.

A look at some baseball milestones we might miss this year.

The Louisville Slugger bat factory closes and furloughs 90 percent of its workers.

The start of the Korean Baseball Organization season is set for May 3.

But baseball in Japan will be delayed indefinitely.

Greg Maddux explains his pitching philosophy.

Youth sports are feeling the brunt of the coronavirus pandemic.

Tom Brady breaks the stay-at-home order.

Oil prices plummet to less than zero.

The Batman movie and Sopranos movies get their release dates pushed back.

Beastie Boys Story will please both diehard and casual fans.

Your song of the day is Beastie Boys with Root Down.