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Royals Rumblings - News for April 22, 2020

Hello! How you today?

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Skeptical doggo.
Minda Haas Kuhlmann

Minor League Baseball issued a brief statement seemingly contradicting reports that they’re moving closer to agreeing to the Houston Plan for contracting dozens of teams:

Recent articles on the negotiations between MiLB and Major League Baseball (MLB) are largely inaccurate. There have been no agreements on contraction or any other issues. MiLB looks forward to continuing the good faith negotiations with MLB tomorrow as we work toward an agreement that best ensures the future of professional baseball throughout the United States and Canada.

Brett Phillips got lost in his trademark laugh when Yankees reliever Tommy Kahnle revealed he thought Phillips was a pitcher:

Rustin Dodd wrote about Eric Hosmer’s Mad Dash in a series of each team’s most historic plays at The Athletic:

...on the way to Citi Field before Game 5, one of the team buses was unusually full. [Royals scout Alec] Zumwalt found himself sitting next to Royals broadcaster Ryan Lefebvre. As the bus veered through New York traffic on a Sunday afternoon, Lefebvre lobbed a question to Zumwalt in an attempt at small talk.

“I was sort half joking, but I said: ‘So how are our we gonna beat these guys?’ ” Lefebvre says now. “And I’ll never forget: He turned and he looked at me and said, ‘We’ll win a game in this series because Lucas Duda cannot throw to the bases.’ ”

Rex Hudler and Steve Physioc don’t have baseball to call, so they’re calling bingo.

You might have a soulmate among current and former Omaha Storm Chasers, as decided by a highly scientific Buzzfeed quiz. I got stuck on the first question (puppies OR baseball? Impossible!) and couldn’t go on.

Over at Lookout Landing*, Amanda Lane wrote a great story on the connection between Michael Jordan during his brief pro baseball career, and Joey Cora.

*wolves, etc.

The Korean Baseball Organization has figured out when its teams can play their 144-game season, with a contingency plan built in for if anyone associated with any team gets Coronavirus.

Hannah Keyser at Yahoo! told the tale of an outrageously good pitching performance for the Mets that didn’t count for anything in the standings, and also, didn’t officially happen.

Following a trade from New England to Tampa Bay, tight end and sometimes WWE wrestler Rob Gronkowski is now a Florida Man.

Lamar Jackson says he will be on the next Madden cover. Some fella named Patrick was on the last one...

Fortnite is available for Android devices via the Google Play store again, finally.

Get a load of these sheep at a McDonald’s in Wales.

The greeting in the subhead is an homage to my all-time favorite Tweet, which cheers me up every time I watch it, still.

Today’s music is Goldfinger doing a Quarantine edition recording of Superman. It contains surprise dogs!