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Royals Rumblings - News for April 27, 2020

Bubba wants to get back to baseball.

Kansas City Royals v Oakland Athletics Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for April 27, 2020

Lynn Worthy catches up with Bubba Starling, who is anxious to resume his fight for a roster spot.

Matheny was complimentary of Starling’s performance this spring, saying he was “hitting with more authority.”

“I feel good, but obviously my numbers didn’t show that up in the big leagues last year,” Starling said. “I think it’s only going to keep getting better as I keep learning and growing and know the player that I am. I just want to continue to keep growing.

“Obviously, .215 or whatever I hit last year — I’ve got to do the little things. I’ve got to move the runners. I’ve got to quit striking out. I’ve got to do the little things to help the team win and move forward. I think I can do a lot better at that.”

Jeffrey Flanagan also talked to Starling about how this could be a good situation for him.

“I think it can be beneficial for me,” Starling said. “When we do start games, I can just keep rolling from what I was doing in Spring Training. It hasn’t stopped for me since then, I’ve been working out three or four times a week and still getting my hitting in. I’m still trying to stay focused even with all the stuff with virus going down.

“But [expanded rosters] will be beneficial to me and some of the other guys trying to make the roster, and show what they can do.”

Clint Scoles at Royals Academy considers draft strategy for the Royals.

If you’re one to think the Royals need to add position prospects then this draft may prove to be one that changes their previous strategies there. Since Lonnie Goldberg took over the draft in 2011 the Royals have drafted one player that wasn’t listed as an up the middle position player in the Top 5 rounds, Nick Pratto (‘17). Of course, most knew at the time that Hunter Dozier would need to move off shortstop but still that speaks to the Royals needing to shift their gears on the players they’re looking at. Prior to ‘18 most thought the Royals would be looking for a prep prospect when they switched gears by loading up on college pitchers. Perhaps it’s time they load up on the corners with talent.

Royals pitching prospect Daniel Tillo talks about the adjustment for Double-A ball.

“The hitters are more experienced and their plate discipline is a lot better. The hitters don’t swing at bad pitches. As you go up, it kind of seems like the strike zone gets smaller,” Tillo said. “I just want to be more consistent in the strike zone. Obviously, I walk a good amount of people and I need to cut back on that. That’s something that could possibly hold me back from getting a big league call. I’ve got to get ahead in counts and tone it down with the walks.”

Mike Gillespie at Kings of Kauffman looks at Dayton Moore’s biggest draft misses.

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