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Royals Rumblings - News for April 30, 2020

Dayton Moore talks about getting back to baseball.

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Baltimore Orioles v Kansas City Royals Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for April 30, 2020

Dayton Moore talks to reporters and sees baseball returning soon, writes Lynn Worthy.

“It’s hard to imagine us not playing baseball in front of our fans here at Kauffman Stadium, or at least playing in our city,” Moore said. “Again, we’ll do whatever we need to do for the good of the game. But it’s hard to imagine, and I suspect that most people feel that way. But again, we’ll do what we need to do.

“But, you know, let’s face it, our part of the country hasn’t been hit as tough as some others. And again, I go back to the psychology and the mental toughness of the individuals in the citizens of the Midwest and I believe that our people are tough enough to push through this in a very smart, healthy, and measured way when the time is right.”

Josh Norris at Baseball America has a scout analyze Royals pitching prospect Daniel Lynch.

Presently, Lynch beats Class A hitters with his fastball and has two potentially plus secondary pitches but is going to need better command and control of his slider to use it as a get-ahead weapon.

I like him as a middle-of-the-rotation starter with three potentially plus pitches and average command. He should be able to get strikeouts and miss bats in a number of ways. If he can use his secondary pitches more effectively early in the counts, Lynch will arrive quickly in Kansas City.

Alec Lewis writes about the fan walkout staged by Kevin Kietzman and 1510 AM back in 1999.

In the fourth inning, many fans — 3,000 or so of them, AP reported — staged a walkout. The mock usher walked the fans out single file, and after exiting the stadium, they walked across the George Brett Bridge and watched the game on a giant television screen they had set up at the Adam’s Mark Hotel.

“Baseball fans in Kansas City want to be heard,” Posnanski wrote the following day. “They need to be heard. The game is broken, it’s tilted, and baseball fans here want to hope again. They want to dream again. The way the money rolls now, with some teams spending and making so much more than others, well, it’s awfully hard to dream baseball in a little ol’ town like Kansas City.”

Jordan Wolf at writes about Daniel Tillo’s baseball card collecting hobby, including collecting cards of himself.

Shortly after inking his deal with Kansas City, Tillo was asked to do a signing for Panini, one of the top card distributors in the country. That was when it really hit him that not only was he officially a pro, but he had become exactly what he looked up to as a kid.

”That was kind of a surreal experience too,” he said. “It’s like, ‘Wow, I used to be on the other end of this where I was trying to collect autographs and rookie cards, but now I get to sign them myself. Maybe someone will collect me one day — if I don’t get those cards first.’”

The Royals announce their refund policy for games that have been postponed.

Darin Watson at UL’s Toothpick writes about a Royals win over Toronto in 1980.

Royals minor league outfielder John Rave has had to put his career on hold for the pandemic.

Maury Brown at Forbes Magazine writes that it is time for baseball to drop its blackout polices.

A look at some of the top international free agents for this summer.

The Oakland Athletics are talking about layoffs.

The Rays are furloughing staff and cutting pay.

Manny Ramirez is looking to make a comeback - in Taiwan.

Longtime Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina says he is prepared to explore free agency.

Derek Jeter’s Hall of Fame induction will be pushed back to 2021.

A Don Mattingly baseball card brings about a mystery about his birthdate.

A look at the 20 baseball contracts over $200 million.

Would Tony Gwynn and Wade Boggs be different types of hitters today?

How a harmless radio station prank got a manager hired and changed baseball history.

The NCAA will take steps to allow athletes to profit off their own likeness.

AMC Theaters will not run Universal Picture films after comments from the CEO on the success of the on-demand release of Trolls World Tour.

Why are people having crazy pandemic dreams?

Ten movies and TV shows that presented an alternate future in 2020.

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