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Royals Rumblings - News for April 6, 2020

Dayton Moore talks about looking at the game through the eyes of youth.

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Cincinnati Reds v Kansas City Royals Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for April 6, 2020

Dayton Moore is not too worried about drafting without getting a good look at amateurs this spring.

Minimally, at least as far as evaluating the top prospects, according to general manager Dayton Moore, who worked his way up to the front office through the scouting ranks. Moore rejected the notion that canceled high school and college baseball seasons are a hardship on MLB teams, calling it a “falsehood.”

”We’re certainly not going to be afforded the opportunity to have as many looks (at prospective draftees) as we’ve had in the past,”Moore said. “But we certainly, as an industry, have a strong feel of who the top 300-400 players are in the country.”

Moore talks to Tim Dierkes at MLB Trade Rumors on how to get a job in baseball.

As it pertains to teams and front office, compatibility is the most important trait. This will only exist if you have an above and beyond attitude with the commitment to do the jobs that others simply find meaningless. You must have an “others first” mindset and model that behavior. Finally, never stop looking at this game from the eyes of your youth.

Vahe Gregorian catches up with Mike Matheny about what he’s been doing with his time.

Clint Scoles at Royals Academy talks to Kris Bubic.

Now this year in Wilmington with the curveball we’ve emphasized the Rapsodo and Trackman data a lot more and I’ve taken a lot of interest in it. Before I didn’t understand how the ball came out of my hand or how the ball spins with the exception of seeing a hitters reaction or how a catcher tells me how it looks but I never saw it physically myself. This is the first year I’ve dove into it as well as the Edgertronic camera and it has definitely helped in developing the curveball from that spike grip.

Former Royals minor league catcher Chad Johnson writes about his battle with “the yips.”

I was playing catch with Kelvin Herrera warming him up next to the bullpens. As we were playing catch, I abruptly noticed Salvador Perez and Eric Hosmer right behind Kelvin. All I could think at the time was, “You better not airmail one and hit those million-dollar guys.” I started to float the ball softly worrying about messing this once in a lifetime opportunity up. Finally, Kelvin and I got into the bullpen. I started to play catch, and the first ball I threw soared over Kelvin’s head about five feet. Panic erupted my entire body as the next three balls I threw back to Kelvin did the same thing. After this moment of intense panic, my playing career was never the same.

The Royals pledge 500,000 meals for those in need during the pandemic.

Yahoo Sports ranks the Royals 23rd in their preseason fantasy baseball power rankings.

Royals Reporter ranks the managers in the Central Division.

Bleacher Report looks back at the time the Royals had to wear Brewers uniforms.

Shawn Bauman at Kings of Kauffman projects catching prospect MJ Melendez.

Call to the Pen has their 2020 Royals season preview.

Who would you build a team around in the next decade?

MLB relaxes some scouting restrictions.

Joe Buck thinks there is too much money involved for MLB to cancel the season.

A look at the obstacles of televising games without fans.

Is a 100-game schedule still under consideration?

Jayson Stark at The Athletic writes that college baseball will be a mess next year.

Three Diamondbacks minority owners are suing owner Ken Kendrick over forced buyouts.

Justin Verlander donates his paycheck to help people impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

The truth about Michael Jordan’s prospects of reaching the big leagues.

Remembering how crazy the 1995 season was.

The wit and wisdom of the Earl Weaver way.

The NBA is working on a televised H-O-R-S-E competition among players.

What are the legal obstacles to bringing back sports?

People are setting 5G towers on fire in the UK because of conspiracy theories.

Will the pandemic be the start of a CSA boom for farmers?

What’s a good price for a turnip in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Your song of the day is Queen with I Want to Break Free.