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Friday Afternoon Cyber Baseball: Royals Review vs. Royals Farm Report, Game 2

This time, it’s personal.

About last week...

Hand up. That one was on me. I went and tempted the baseball gods to just TRY to rain out cyber baseball. And the baseball gods responded with a big time “Josh is a dummy” move by canceling all servers associated with it. So...the game kept going but you did not see it.

You missed quite a game too. The Royals completed the sweep of the cellar-dwelling Detroit Tigers, 2-0, and move to 20-14 on the season. Mike Montgomery spun 7 innings of shutout ball while striking out 9 along the way. Kennedy and Rosenthal combined for the final 2 innings and shut the door on the series.

Moving on to this week

Instead of the usual Friday afternoon simulation action, I’m going to take on Joel Penfield from Royals Farm Report head to head in Game 2 of the Royals Review vs. Royals Farm Report The Show-down.

In Game 1, Joel (and his hefty team of diamond players) took me down by a score of 5-2. I got out to the early lead but could not hang on to the lead because of some questionable plate discipline from myself.

But fear not Royals Review readers, I’ve been grinding. I’ve got my own set of solid diamond players, including a shiny and brand new Brady Singer card that might see some action today. I’ve changed my gaming setting and I’ve been training.

It’s go time.

As always, you can comment/ask questions in this thread or in the Twitch stream chat. I’ll be monitoring that as we play so throw us some questions, let us know who you’re rooting for, etc.

We’ll get back to the regularly scheduled program next week.