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Weekend Rumblings - News for May 2, 2020

Want to see the Royals win a championship again? You can!

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World Series - Kansas City Royals v New York Mets - Game Five Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Weekend Rumblings - News for May 2, 2020

Alec Lewis did a mailbag segment and looked at who the Royals might take in the draft, coming down to New Mexico State second baseman Nick Gonzales and Georgia pitcher Emerson Hancock.

Who makes the most sense between Hancock and Gonzales? I’d say Hancock if all the measurables check out. He’s a pitcher who throws a mid-90s fastball, two different sliders and a changeup; at one point ahead of the 2020 college season, analysts projected him as a potential top pick.

He’s my choice only because I keep coming back to what owner John Sherman said the day the Royals introduced him at Kauffman Stadium: “When you have a whole bunch of good pitching, get some more.” By no means do I bring this up to say Sherman is making this pick himself. I think the opportunity to get another top-end starter is one that would behoove the Royals more than another toolsy infielder.

Clint Scoles at Royals Academy writes about Jose Catano, a young prospect you may not have heard of.

One prospect that I find extremely intriguing is the left-handed pitcher Jose Catono of the Dominican. Tall and lean he’s listed at 6’3 180 lbs, sporting a 95 mph fastball and an absolute stunner of a curveball. Last year he pitched just 10 innings for the DSL Royals2 but struckout 17 in that time while giving up 14 hits and six walks. Those aren’t numbers to rave about obviously but one can see his arm speed and curveball depth and drop in these videos.

ESPN looks at the biggest controversy with each team, and Sam Miller debates whether Mike Jirschele should have sent Alex Gordon in the 2014 World Series.

We’re talking about the Royals’ character a lot here because, ultimately, either choice they made was likely to lose. Gordon had very little chance. Crawford could have thrown wildly, Buster Posey could have botched the catch or the tag, but if neither happened Gordon was probably 30 feet behind where he needed to be. But Perez also had very little chance against Bumgarner at that moment in history. That’s just the nature of trailing: You’re probably going to lose! No matter what their third-base coach decided, they had a small chance to win and a much larger chance to lose. Might as well go out playing the way you believe in, and ultimately, that’s what the Royals did.

Fox Sports Kansas City will air playoff games from the 2015 World Series championship run next three weeks.

Vahe Gregorian writes that there is renewed hope that Buck O’Neil could join the Hall of Fame.

Mike Gillespie at Kings of Kauffman looks at Mitch Williams’ brief stint with the Royals.

Indians pitcher Emmanuel Clase is suspended 80 games for Boldenone.

Teams will likely use their home ballparks to conduct spring training when play resumes.

The MLBPA rejects MLB’s proposal to shorten the draft this year.

MLB and the umpires union come to agreement on reduced pay during the shutdown.

When a “can’t miss” prospect misses.

The time a Cubs fan tried to become a free agent.

Baseball’s shutdowns have been tough on volunteer assistants for college baseball programs.

A look at Opening Day this week in the Korean Baseball Organization.

A former Athletics minor leaguer dies from COVID-19 complications.

Ever wondered why batters can advance to first on a dropped third strike?

Inside the Sports Illustrated investigation back in the 80s that revealed that Pete Rose had bet on baseball.

An inside look at the NFL’s virtual draft and which features are likely to stay.

Why do fat boxers win?

Michael Jordan turned down $100 million to make an endorsement and appear at a two-hour event.

The unexpected way the COVID-19 pandemic is screwing up weather reports.

Where the Parks and Rec characters are now, according to the reunion special.

Your song of the day is Coleman Hawkins with Body and Soul.