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Weekend Rumblings - News for May 23, 2020

Who are the most influential figures in Kansas City sports?

World Series: St. Louis Cardinals v Kansas City Royals, October, 1985 Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Weekend Rumblings - News for May 23, 2020

Lynn Worthy writes about the financial problems the Royals will face in the pandemic.

The Royals , like other MLB clubs, are certainly enduring a financial hit because of the pandemic. Forbes had previously projected revenue for the Royals to reach $251 million in 2020. Actual revenues will surely fall short of that projection.

The Royals were in the middle of finalizing a new local cable television deal with broadcast partner Fox Sports Kansas City when MLB suspended spring training and delayed the start of the season. The team and FSKC still have a handshake agreement in place, but it’s not clear how the pandemic will affect that deal. reported that the new TV contract could pay the Royals between $48 million and $52 million per year. The Royals’ previous 11-year deal reportedly paid an average of approximately $20 million annually.

Jesse Hahn has learned to be patient, writes Mike DiMauro.

The righthander, who will be pitching out of the bullpen for the Kansas City Royals, missed all of the 2018 season and most of 2019 enduring what he calls a “half Tommy John surgery,” only to be back in 11 months (instead of 18) and ready to go again.

Then came COVID-19, another reminder about patience and all the other lessons injuries have taught him.

“I’ve learned to be patient,” Hahn said. “I’ve learned to stay positive. It’s not easy. I have proved to myself the value in sticking to the process. It pays in the end. It’s nice now to be able to be part of the rewards.”

Sam Mellinger ranks the 50 most influential people in Kansas City sports history.

2. Ewing Kauffman

Role: Founder and 24-year owner of the Royals.

The case: The last easy decision on this list. Kansas City had been insulted and eventually ditched by A’s owner Charlie Finley, and Kauffman’s willingness to fund and land an MLB expansion team was critical not just for our sports history but our civic self-esteem. Kauffman didn’t just found the Royals , either. He invested and innovated to turn them into the most successful expansion franchise in baseball history, with seven division championships in 10 years and the 1985 World Series title.

Influence today: The Royals have drawn 88,083,670 fans since their inception. Kauffman is likely the most civically committed person in Kansas City history, so if this was a broader list about influence outside of sports he would likely be No. 1. John Sherman, the Royals’ new owner, was handpicked by David Glass because he reminded the man handpicked by Kauffman of, you guessed it, Kauffman..

Clint Scoles at Royals Academy considers draft strategies.

The Royals partner with Operation BBQ Relief to cook for first responders.

MLB will make a financial proposal to players on Tuesday.

Will this season have an asterisk by it?

The Diamondbacks will open Chase Field for individual workouts.

Rays prospect Brent Honeywell has an elbow procedure.

Will the Indians trade Francisco Lindor?

Carlos Correa says he would love to try Ultimate Fighting.

How the Moneyball draft is still working out for the Athletics.

Jung Ho Kang is seeking a comeback in the KBO.

Did the Mets win the Mike Piazza trade?

Baseball and soccer leagues in Japan are cleared to resume play.

Is this the end of the high five?

ESPN will develop a nine-part documentary on Tom Brady.

Thirty years after it was released, Microsoft Solitaire still has 35 million monthly players.

John Krasinski sells his show Some Good News to Viacom, but he won’t host it anymore.

All the hidden meanings of the names in the new Hunger Games.

Your song of the day is Dave Brubeck with Stardust.