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Royals commit to paying minor leaguers, bucking league-wide trend

Kudos to management for this one.

Kansas City Royals v Detroit Tigers Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

All over baseball, teams are cutting minor leaguers to save costs, and in some cases, not paying minor leaguers still employed by the team. The Royals have bucked those trends by committing to pay minor leaguers the entire summer, without mass releases, according to reporter Jon Heyman.

The Minnesota Twins joined the Royals, agreeing to pay their minor leaguers throughout the summer. The Royals and Twins are certainly going against the grain as many other teams have released hundreds of players in the past week. The Mariners, Brewers, Reds, Mets, Nationals, Orioles, Rockies, Braves, Diamondbacks, Rays, Red Sox, and Blue Jays have all cut players this week, with the Mariners cutting over 50 players.

MLB teams are looking to eliminate affiliations with up to 42 minor league teams.

Even those minor leaguers that still have jobs may have to go without pay. Minor leaguers in the Oakland Athletics organization will not be paid after May 31. Despite not being compensated, those players will not allowed to become free agents and it is not clear they will even be eligible to apply for unemployment benefits.

Some teams have also furloughed or cut salaries for non-playing employees. The Marlins furloughed up to 100 team employees, the Cubs and Dodgers have cut some top salaries for non-player personnel, and the Rays have done both.

MLB teams are facing a season that will likely have half the games of a typical season, likely with no fans, or very few fans allowed to attend games. Owners have claimed that gate-related revenues make up 40 percent of overall revenues.

Dayton Moore has talked a lot about the culture of an organization and treating people like family, so it is encouraging to see those words backed up by action. It is also good to see that the new ownership led by John Sherman is on board with that sentiment, putting up the money to make that sentiment true. This has already been a trying season for so many people, having the security of a steady paycheck for those minor leaguers should be at least a small comfort.