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George Brett Pine Tar incident shirt now available from BreakingT

Celebrate the angriest day in George Brett’s life.

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With baseball on hiatus, fans have been tapping into nostalgia and looking back at memorable baseball moment of the past. One of the most memorable moments in Royals history came in 1983, when Kansas City faced off against the hated New York Yankees.

Yankees skipper Billy Martin was always looking for any edge he could gain his opponent, so when George Brett stepped up and seemingly defeated New York with a big home run, Billy was ready. Armed with the rule book, Martin argued to umpire Tim McClelland that Brett had used too much pine tar on his bat, extending past the limit allowed in the rule book, and should therefore be declared out. McClelland agreed, signalling Brett was out, and causing one of the best eruptions in baseball history.

How Brett didn’t murder someone that day is quite amazing. You can now memorialize his outburst with this new Pine Tar Incident t-shirt from our friends at BreakingT.

This shirt is officially licensed with the MLBPA. BreakingT shirts are extremely comfortable and quite durable - I have shirts from the pennant runs in 2014 and 2015 I still wear to this day.

You can also check out BreakingT’s complete MLB Players Alumni collection that includes shirts featuring all your favorite stars from past days. There you can find shirts featuring Nolan Ryan, Mike Schmidt, and groan Reggie Jackson.