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The Rewind Yourself podcast: The 2006 draft

Considered a “weak draft” it ended up being one of the best of the last few decades.

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While baseball is away, we’re putting a regular podcast on semi-hiatus since there isn’t a whole lot to talk about. Instead we’ll be running “Rewind Yourself”, a look back at some of the overlooked moments in Royals history - the good, bad, and ugly.

In today’s episode, Max Rieper talks to Clint Scoles at Royals Academy about the 2006 draft, where the Royals had the #1 overall pick.

Here is what how the draft went and here is the 2006 Royals draft class.

You can find Clint Scoles at Royals Academy on Patreon and on Twitter at @ClintScoles. You can also follow Max Rieper on Twitter at @maxrieper. Royals Review Radio is available on iTunes.