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Royals Rumblings - News for June 1, 2020

Dayton Moore stands behind his players.

Dayton Moore shares a word with Alex Gordon before a game in 2019 Photo by John Sleezer/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for June 1, 2020

Dayton Moore talks about why the Royals are committed to paying their minor leaguers.

Understand this: The minor league players, the players you’ll never know about, the players that never get out of rookie ball or High-A, those players have as much impact on the growth of our game then 10-year or 15-year veteran players. They have as much opportunity to influence the growth of our game as those individuals who played for a long time because those individuals go back into their communities and teach the game, work in academies, are JUCO coaches, college coaches, scouts, coaches in pro baseball. They’re growing the game constantly because they’re so passionate about it. So we felt it was really, really important not to release one minor league player during this time, a time we needed to stand behind them.

Craig Calcaterra at NBC Sports wonders why more teams can’t be like the Royals.

Mark Polishuk wraps up the latest mock drafts for the Royals.

For instance, the Royals (who pick fourth overall) seem to be leaning towards picking a position player this after focusing on adding pitchers in recent drafts, which could lead them to Gonzales or Florida high school outfielder Zac Veen. Callis has K.C. taking Gonzales while Collazo and Law have the Royals taking Veen, with Law adding that he has “heard they’re cool on Gonzales.” Then again, a pitcher might not be out of the question either for Kansas City, as Collazo writes “lately, we’ve also heard Minnesota right-hander Max Meyer linked to this pick.”

The Rays release former Royals pitcher Brooks Pounders.

At UL’s Toothpick, Darin Watson looks back at an inside-the-park home run by John Wathan.

Craig Edwards at Fangraphs looks at the economics of the owners’ proposal.

Buster Olney thinks the future of MLB is at stake.

Abbreviated seasons have not worked out well for MLB in the past.

What MLB veterans stand to lose if the season is cancelled.

Why a Nolan Arenado trade seems less likely now.

Red Sox employees are livid over their pay cut plan.

The pandemic has caused colleges to start disbanding their baseball programs.

A look at the NFL and NBA players that were drafted by baseball teams.

Why major sports are reversing course and talking about returning during a pandemic.

SpaceX makes history with a successful launch, but what’s next for private space flight?

A marine biologist talks about what Hollywood gets wrong about the ocean.

A look at the best of what HBO Max has to offer.

Your song of the day is The Youngbloods with Get Together.