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Royals agree to terms with Asa Lacy, entire 2020 draft class

Welcome, newest Royals!

2020 Major League Baseball Draft Photo by MLB Photos via Getty Images

The Royals announced they have come to terms with #4 overall pick Asa Lacy and their entire 2020 draft class, as well as seven undrafted free agents. In addition to Lacy, the Royals came to terms with Baylor shortstop Nick Loftin (pick #32), selected in the competitive balance round, right-handed pitcher Ben Hernandez out of the De La Salle Institute in Chicago (second round), outfielder Tyler Gentry out of the University of Alabama (third round), left-handed pitcher Christian Chamberlain out of Oregon State University (fourth round), and right-handed pitcher Will Klein out of Eastern Illinois University (fifth round).

Bonus terms have not been reported yet for Lacy. Slot value for the #4 overall pick is $6.664 million.

9:10 p.m. update: Jim Callis at Baseball America reports Lacy signed for $6.667 million.

The Royals have a total bonus pool amount of $12,521,300 that they can allocate towards their six draft picks as they fit. Teams can go up to five percent over their pool amount, so long as they pay a 75 percent tax on the overage. For the Royals, that means they can spend up to $13,147,365. If a team exceeds their pool by more than that amount, they will have to forfeit future draft picks.

Royals 2020 draft bonus amounts

Round Overall Player School Draft Slot Bonus Difference
Round Overall Player School Draft Slot Bonus Difference
1 4 LHP Asa Lacy Texas A&M University $6,664,000 $6,667,000 $3,000
1a 32 SS Nick Loftin Baylor University $2,257,300 $3,000,000 $742,700
2 41 RHP Ben Hernandez De La Salle Institute (IL) $1,813,500 $1,450,000 -$363,500
3 76 OF Tyler Gentry University of Alabama $818,200 $750,000 -$68,200
4 105 LHP Christian Chamberlain Oregon State University $554,300 $450,000 -$104,300
5 135 RHP Will Klein Eastern Illinois University $414,000 $200,000 -$214,000
Total $12,521,300 $12,517,000 -$4,300

The Royals also agreed to terms with seven undrafted free agents: catcher Kale Emshoff of the University of Arkansas-Little Rock, outfielder Tucker Bradley of the University of Georgia, catcher Saul Garza of LSU, right-handed pitcher John McMillion of Texas Tech University, right-handed pitcher Chase Wallace of the University of Tennessee, left-handed pitcher A.J. Block of Washington State University, and first baseman Matt Schmidt of the University of Michigan. Teams can offer undrafted free agents no more than a $20,000 bonus.