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Royals Rumblings - News for June 6, 2020

It was quite a non-baseball news dump!

NBA, MLB & NHL Suspend Seasons Due to Coronavirus Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Well good morning, Royals Review! First time, long time, here. I’ve never done the Rumblings before but I’ve survived 5 whole months of 2020, so I’m thinking I can do anything right about now. Let’s jump right into it, shall we?

The Oakland A’s were properly shamed into doing the right thing by paying their minor leaguers, announcing they will be paying the $400 weekly stipend through what would have been the end of the minor league season.

I’ve listened to our fans and others, and there is no question that this is the right thing to do,” (John) Fisher said to the Chronicle. “We clearly got this decision wrong. These players represent our future and we will immediately begin paying our minor-league players. I take responsibility and I’m making it right.

Hey, maybe now we can start talking about paying them at least minimum wage ($12 in California)?

Craig Calcaterra with NBC Sports writes about the MLB owners’ new 48 game season idea and what that idea actually is.

Which is to say that a 48-game schedule sounds like either (a) a bluff aimed at getting the players to offer financial concessions; or (b) a declaration from the owners that they’d prefer almost no baseball if it means that they have to lose any money. The whole “we’ll happily take the benefits of a good market but won’t bother if there’s a chance we might lose money” approach I’ve lambasted in this space before.

Andy Martino at SNY says he’s optimistic that there will be a 2020 season and lays out 2 scenarios of what that would look like.

If they don’t, and if no new agreement is reached, MLB could launch a shortened season in late July. That would likely lead to a grievance from the players and backlash from fans and many in the media, but as previously stated, the players will report.

A grievance from a shortened season going into the 2021 season aka the final season under the current CBA is bad for all of us.

Jeff Passan broke down the numbers of these negotiations really well and it all sounds like some pride swallowing will be necessary from both sides.

It takes two parties, and the hardheadedness of players is not to be underestimated. The principle around which they’ve rallied, one person involved with the union said, is not the elevated risk of COVID-19 to which they could be exposed during a season, but MLB’s “attempt to devalue us.” This isn’t just about 2020, sources said. The MLBPA is standing firm in an effort to project strength going into 2021, when the current labor agreement expires.

When it’s all said and done, I wonder if more players could start going the route that Matt Harvey is pondering...

The Athletic had to lay off 46 members of its staff on Friday representing 8% of their work force.

Roger Goodell responded to the NFL players video supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. The player’s video may or may not have been created by NFL social media team behind Goodell’s back.

Drew Osborne continued the Royals Farm Report series looking at players eligible for the MLB Draft coming up on Wednesday, profiling college righty Will Klein.

The NCAA hit the Oklahoma State men’s basketball team with a 1 year ban from the postseason due to infractions from a former associate head coach, Lamont Evans. The ban came with other penalties despite a few things...

The NCAA also agreed that OSU did not benefit in recruiting, commit a recruiting violation, did not play an ineligible player, and did not display a lack of institutional control. As the report documents, OSU cooperated throughout the process, which lasted two years.

As a Mizzou guy, I can definitely feel for OSU fans right now and the only solace that I can offer at this moment is “Wait until that hammer drops on KU”. Hooooooooweeeeeee they’re gonna get it. (probably not though)

Nicky Lopez was looking for recommendations for BBQ in KC. He went with the correct answer.

With it being my first ever Rumblings, I’ve gotta end it with the song that always puts a smile on my face. Have a great Saturday, ya’ll!