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Baseball to expand playoffs to 16 teams for 2020

Let’s get nuts.

World Series 2019 Game 7 - Houston Astros at Washington Nationals Photo by John McDonnell/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Owners and players have agreed to expand the playoffs from 10 to 16 teams for just the 2020 season according to multiple reports. Owners have long wanted to expand the playoffs to generate more revenues from television partners, and with unique circumstances this season with a shortened season, there was an opportunity. To appease players, owners will offer a $50 million post-season bonus pool for players to divvy up.

Under the expanded playoffs, each division winner and each second-place club would make the post-season, along with the next two teams with the best record. The three division winners would choose their opponents in a selection show. The first-round would be a best-of-three series, with all games played at the home of the higher seed with no travel day. The winners will then play in a Divisional Series with a best-of-five series as usual, followed by a League Championship Series and World Series.

Owners still have to ratify the proposal, which they are expected to do.