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Royals Review Radio: The Summer Camp episode with Alec Lewis of The Athletic

Baseball Summer Camp is here, but should it be?

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Baseball is back, but should it be? Max Rieper, Shaun Newkirk, and Matthew LaMar wrestle with whether baseball should try to play during a pandemic, and look at the issues facing a return. Plus Alec Lewis of The Athletic talks about early impressions from Royals Summer Camp

What kind of safety protocols are being put in place, and what obstacles do they present?

What do the players look like after a three-month layoff?

Has Mike Matheny grown since his time in St. Louis?

Should there be baseball played this year?

Will we see more players opt out of the season?

Can the Royals get off to a good start with this 60-game schedule?

Who are some Royals prospects likely to make their MLB debuts this year?

Links to some of the things we discussed:

Alec Lewis’ in-depth profile about Mike Matheny.

Tim Hill and Jorge Lopez discuss not opting out.

Whit Merrifield talks about his obligation to his team.

MLB testing protocols hits some snags.

Matthew LaMar writes about the Royals prospects that could make their MLB debut this year.

The Royals’ 2020 schedule.

Is anyone watching Quibbi?

Royals register voters at the Urban Youth Academy.

You can read Alec Lewis at The Athletic and follow him on Twitter at @alec_lewis.

You can also follow Max Rieper on Twitter at @maxrieper, Shaun Newkirk at @shauncore, and Matthew LaMar at @LaMar_Matt. Royals Review Radio is available on iTunes.