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Royals Rumblings - News for September 17, 2020

Have the Royals improved at pitcher development?

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Kansas City Royals v Cleveland Indians Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for September 17, 2020

Alec Lewis has a terrific piece looking at the evolution of Royals pitcher development.

When the Royals have been cautious in the past, Moore said, it’s been because they have wanted to make sure young pitchers emerge through a season with full health. Drafted players from the United States and signees from Latin America enter the club on different schedules, with different structures and different pasts. Some have had access to physical therapists and strength and conditioning coaches. Some have thrown a lot for most of their lives. Others haven’t.

“When you start them off initially and you know you have time with them,” Moore said, “we just amp it down, learn about them, introduce them to pro baseball, find out what they need to do. Then after they get a full season under their belt, we take on more of an individualized approach.”

In his Mellinger Minutes, Sam looks at the enigmatic Adalberto Mondesi.

My guess is that Mondesi’s future is a lot better than his last two seasons, but that it’s also not as good as the expectations many had on him. The scenario the Royals would sign up for today is one in which he vaguely resembles 2018, even if it doesn’t get better: .276/.306/.498, with 13 doubles, 14 homers, 32 steals, 11 walks and 77 strikeouts in 75 games.

But you can make a case that he’s going to soar, or crash. He appears to struggle with confidence. The Royals don’t say that publicly (and they shouldn’t) but that’s what I see. Maybe you see it too. The body language. The slumps. The occasional lack of focus. The dots are there to be connected.

If he gets beyond that — if he starts to believe what so many around him believe — then maybe he’s a 25-homer, 50-stolen base switch-hitting shortstop with above average defense.

That qualifies as stardom.

David Scharff at Kings of Kauffman sees an uncertain future for Jakob Junis.

Kiley McDaniel at ESPN looks at how aggressive GMs are in going for it.

The Phillies promote former #1 overall pick outfielder Mickey Moniak.

Craig Edwards at Fangraphs looks at how Alec Mills threw one of the most unlikely no-hitters.

How is the National League MVP race looking?

Who benefits the most from a post-season with no off days?

Should the Rangers tank for Kumar Rocker?

The National League could outscore the American League for the first time in 50 years.

The Braves lay off several top scouts.

Tim Kurkijian profiles cantankerous umpire Joe West.

Arrowhead Stadium is cleared to be a polling site on election day.

A 4,000-year old clay tablet may be the oldest advertisement for a sporting event.

A pod of killer whales is attacking boats in an orchestrated manner, baffling scientists.

Sony will launch PlayStation 5 in November.

The Travis Scott meal at McDonald’s is so popular they can’t keep it in stock.

Your song of the day is Dave Matthews Band with What Would You Say.