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Royals Rumblings - News for September 22, 2020

Salvy has smashed this year.

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Pittsburgh Pirates v Kansas City Royals Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for September 22, 2020

Lynn Worthy writes about Salvador Perez’s fantastic season.

“It’s very difficult to do,” Royals manager Mike Matheny said of Perez’s ability to jump back in and perform at such a high level. “It’s amazing when you watch most guys and how hard it is to get back to that game-speed timing and being able to make the adjustments while also doing enough work to stay sharp on the defensive side.

“He has, to me, been shining on both sides. It’s been impressive to watch. He’s disciplined about how he goes about his work. He’s very intentional about what he needs to do defensively and offensively to stay sharp.”

Jeffrey Flanagan talks to Mike Matheny about some of his coaches drawing interest as potential managerial candidates in Detroit.

“I want to be as honest, I never looked at it as a feather in my cap,” Matheny told “But I’m proud I got a couple of guys on my [former] staff that are now managing.

“I would always ask guys on my staff, ‘What are your aspirations?’ I know there are guys who want to manage. And I have been very clear and want to be accountable throughout the season, so I ask them, ‘Am I helping in that progression?’ That’s been my agreement with my coaches.”

In a mailbag column, Alec Lewis considers next year’s starting lineup.

Could Merrifield play second and the Royals acquire an outfielder? Sure thing. To me, Franco makes sense at third base, considering he has a 105 wRC+ (100 is average from a hitting perspective). For now, it would make sense that Cordero, who will be healthy after his hamate bone removal, would get an opportunity as well as Olivares. Each will benefit from an offseason of development at the plate and in the field, respectively. As for Lopez, his ability at second base is hard to pass up and he’s still only had 568 plate appearances. It’s too early to punt on his plate ability.

Eric Longenhagen at Fangraphs gives an update of AL Central prospects.

Kansas City Royals Brady Singer graduates as a 45+ FV rather than a 50 FV in the top 100, even though his last several starts were excellent, because he has yet to develop a third pitch. I guess you could argue that it’s very encouraging he was able to carve up Cleveland and Detroit with just two pitches and that he seems to have found a way to increase the carry on his fastball, but I still have Kris Bubic, who has three big league quality pitches, a little ahead of Singer long-term. That said, they’re both excellent and clear long-term rotation stalwarts in Kansas City.

Blue Jays closer Ken Giles will have Tommy John surgery.

Cole Hamels is done for the season after just one start with the Braves.

The higher seed, not the better record, will determine home field advantage in the World Series.

Could pitcher Shane Bieber win the AL MVP?

The National League MVP race is still wide open.

There will be no Arizona Fall League this year, although there will be an Instructional League this off-season.

MLB and the MLBPA will commit $10 million to encourage Black American participation in baseball.

The latest Dorktown looks at Luis Castillo’s weird 2000 season.

A judge rules that fans suing over refunds on baseball tickets this year will have to go to arbitration.

A guide to investing in baseball cards.

Longtime baseball scout Gary Hughes dies at age 79.

The NFL is handing out some hefty fines this week to coaches that didn’t properly wear their masks.

Michael Jordan is bringing a team to NASCAR.

Why Microsoft bought Bethesda for $7.5 billion.

After just six months, Quibi is looking for a new owner.

Disney Plus teases Marvel’s new WandaVision trailer.

Your song of the day is The White Stripes with Hotel Yorba.