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Royals Rumblings - News for September 30, 2020

Have you cleaned your dryer vents lately?

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A small white dog with curly fur and a pink harness, and a serious-looking face
Don’t tell this dog to smile; it’s perfect as is.
Minda Haas Kuhlmann

There’s not much Royals news today, except this exciting personal update from one Royals owner:

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Everyone get hydrated and get snacks ready; there are EIGHT playoff baseball games today. None of them involves the Royals, but we’ll get ‘em next year.

The FanGraphs staff made postseason predictions.

Minnesota Twins slugging grandfather Nelson Cruz is a fan of the expanded playoffs. More on his thoughts and other players’ opinions on the new format from Hannah Keyser at Yahoo.

Speaking of the new format, Kenny Kelly at BtBS simulated a bunch of 60-game seasons to find out if the seeding is worth getting worked up about.

The Titans and Vikings are shut down after Tennessee had some positive COVID tests.

At The Athletic, the story of Eric Bieniemy intertwines with the story of some fumbles:

Twenty-three years down the road, Bieniemy was a running backs coach in his first season with the Chiefs. Jamaal Charles was a two-time All-Pro running back at the height of his abilities.

Charles fumbled against the Texans. Once Charles walked to the sideline, Bieniemy was waiting for him on the field, near the numbers, a place where assistant coaches are not supposed to tread.

Bieniemy: “You lose another fumble, you’re not going back in.”

Charles: “I’m an All-Pro. What do you mean I ain’t goin’ back in?”

Bieniemy: “Fumble again, and you will see.”

Bieniemy’s will became Charles’ will, and Charles didn’t lose another fumble in his next 261 touches over 14 games.

A closer look at the LA Clippers firing Doc Rivers reveals their mindset was ‘championship or bust,’ despite the unusual conditions of the 2020 season.

Bulls legend Scottie Pippen isn’t keen on the team’s hiring of Billy Donovan as head coach.

Evidently something like 20% of people give themselves discounts (by stealing) at the self-checkout.

Some African grey parrots got removed from a family safari in England because they taught each other to swear, and wouldn’t stop laughing about it. Sadly, this link does NOT contain footage of this merry group.

This person wrote to Ask a Manager about chronic lateness, but it seems they’re floundering with a lot of other issues. What advice would you give them?

Today’s fun Reddit question asks elevator service people what weird things they’ve found in elevator shafts.

We’ve somehow reached the end of another month. How is everyone holding up? Feeling OK? It feels like a good time to check in with each other.

SOTD - This song has just about every tired lyrical trope, but I love it anyway: Toby Keith - God Love Her. Keith’s career has long driven me nuts because he has a really wonderful voice, but has used it on so many gimmick songs (not this one! But like, “Who’s Your Daddy,” “How Do You Like Me Now,” etc). Those thousands of radio minutes could have been used so differently.